What is the value of a Remington model 31 shotgun?

What is the value of a Remington model 31 shotgun?

What is a REMINGTON 31 shotgun Worth? A REMINGTON 31 shotgun is currently worth an average price of $480.90 used . The 12 month average price is $480.90 used. The used value of a REMINGTON 31 shotgun has risen $32.51 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $480.90 .

When was my Remington Model 31 made?

Remington Model 31
Produced 1931 – 1949
No. built 196,000
Variants Model 31L

Is the Remington over / under derringer still in good condition?

Beautiful Factory Engraved 1st Model Remington Over/Under Derringer. This is a fantastic gun in very fine condition. The barrels retain 95% of the original nickel finish. The frame was cleaned long ago and only has trace amount of finish in protected areas. Engraving is nice and sharp and gun does not show any wear. Hinge is intact….

What’s the serial number on a Remington 41?

The 3.25″” round 22 Short barrel with octag …Click for more info This 41 Rim Fire Derringer was produced around 1869 to 1870. The pistol’s serial number is 2862. It has the standard 3 inch barrels. The pistol’s serial number match the frame and barrel. This derring …Click for more info REDUCED!!!

What kind of gun is a Remington new model?

Bore has strong rifling with some pitting. Remington New Model Army Revolver .44 Caliber .44 Caliber with an 8” barrel. This gun was cleaned long ago and markings are no longer visible. Grips are good as refinished. The cartouche on the left grip is partially visible. Action works well and locks up tight.

When did the Remington 41rf Derringer come out?

Manufactured circa 1895, this Type II over and under .41 RF derringer is in excellent original condition, with 95% original nickel finish and blue small parts. The bores are bright and in very g …Click for more info .41rf, #403, 3 inch barrels, blue finish 2 piece hard rubber grips, Remington Arms-UMC address.