What kind of rifle is the Benjamin 317?

What kind of rifle is the Benjamin 317?

Benjamin’s long history of manufacture gives this model added desirability, and it’s certainly a rifle that would look good on display. Construction of both the barrel and main compression cylinder are of brass, and this really gives the 317 a distinctive look.

Is the Benjamin air rifle a good rifle?

This rifle is quiet and accurate, but being an automatic, it uses quite a lot of air, so filling it with a hand pump may be exhausting. You may want to invest in a scuba tank or compressor. The kit includes a cleaning tool, six Nosler extreme bullets and lubricant, and twenty-six inches of picatinny rail.

When did the Benjamin air rifle company start?

He subsequently started the Benjamin Air Rifle Company in 1902. From the start, the company produced air rifles that were intended for use by adults. Today this all American company continues to make top quality, high-powered air rifles.

What kind of stock does the Benjamin 392 have?

The Benjamin 392 has a Monte Carlo stock in American hardwood. The beautiful wooden stock lends the rifle a classic look and is carved to fit face and eye. The rifled brass barrel ensures precision shooting.

Do you need a seal kit for a Benjamin airgun?

Seal kit for Benjamin model 310, 312, and 317 air guns contain all required parts needed to reseal this airgun, plus exploded drawing and tube of oil. Beware of lesser quality seal kits!

Where does the rubber seal go on a Benjamin 317?

The rubber seal goes on the front, meaning toward the muzzle. That is not the case for the 317. You have to send in the plunger for the 13X series of pistols. Not the 317. You mentioned a tool for the rebuild kit but failed to mention the price of that tool.

What is the price of a Benjamin 312?

The price is listed there. The Benjamin 312 is .22 caliber. If you have a .177 it is a Benjamin 317 (assuming it looks like a 312). This kit is for the Benjamin 310, 312, and 317 models. Your email address will not be published.

What kind of accuracy does a Benjamin air rifle have?

It is not a toy and is intended for use by adults. This .177 caliber air rifle with a pre charged pneumatic power plant is great for small to medium game hunting. The rifled and shrouded barrel will provide quiet accuracy. You can expect velocities of 1100 feet per second.

Is the Benjamin air rifle a break barrel rifle?

The rifle has a 11mm scope dovetail with no open sights and it comes with 4x32mm Centre Point riflescope. Because the rifle is equipped with a Nitro Piston, it is seventy percent quieter than equivalent break barrel rifles, the vibration is reduced and the recoil is lighter making it more precise.