What model is a shotgun?

What model is a shotgun?

Shotguns usually have the brand symbol on the rear barrel and the model number on the back of the gun handle stock. Taking your shotgun to an experienced gunsmith or a gun trade show is the best bet to find the brand and make of any gun. But also can try to find the brand symbol and model number yourself.

What is the most popular shotgun in the world?

One of the most common shotguns in circulation is the venerable Remington 870. A manual, pump action shotgun, the “870” first hit the civilian market in 1950.

When did the superposed Browning 12 gauge come out?

Another variation came along in 1936 with the Lightning Superposed. It weighed around 6.75 pounds, compared to 7.5 pounds for the 12-gauge. The Superposed’s timing was not great. The Depression was well underway in 1931, and to remain competitive, in 1934, the base price was reduced to $99.50, and the next year to $69.75.

Are there different grades of Browning Superposed guns?

There are a number of different variations and grades of the Superposed. The higher-grade Superposed models sport classy engravings and fine wood. During the ’70s, production was cut back and the Superposed became a limited production model.

What was the price of a Browning gun in the 70s?

In the ’70s, inflation was a problem in much of the world, including Belgium. The Grade I price reached $1,100 by 1976. Browning had unveiled the made-in-Japan Citori in 1973, a well-made production gun priced at less than $400. The writing was on the wall.

How many Winchester Model 12 shotguns were made?

A total of over 2,000,000 Model 12’s were built during its long production run. Even so, the Model 12 has probably increased in value more than any other regular production pump shotgun. Over the years, civilian Model 12’s were offered in 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauges with barrels ranging from 25″ to 32″ long.