What regiment are special observers?

What regiment are special observers?

4/73 (Sphinx) Special Observation Post Battery RA

4/73 (Sphinx) Special OP Battery RA
Part of 5th Regiment Royal Artillery
Location Catterick Garrison
Nickname(s) Sphinx Battery
Motto(s) Lateo

What does an artillery observer do?

A military artillery observer, spotter or FO (forward observer) is responsible for directing artillery and mortar fire onto a target and may be a Forward Air Controller (FAC) for close air support and spotter for naval gunfire support.

Are Forward Observer Special Forces?

They are also assigned to Special Forces and Special Operations Units as terminal controllers and Fire Support Non Commissioned Officers.

Who can do the All Arms Commando Course?

Members from any of the United Kingdom’s Regular Armed Forces (e.g. personnel from units attached to the Marines) and overseas exchange personnel can attend to serve with 3 Commando Brigade (3 Cdo Bde RM).

Are forward observers infantry?

Once training is complete members are assigned to a Forward Observer Platoon generally part of a Headquarters and Headquarters Company inside a larger Infantry, Cavalry, Armor, or Artillery Battalion. Currently three methods of directing artillery fire are taught in the U.S. Army.

How much artillery did the British Army have?

Both Infantry and Armoured Divisions had their own organic artillery, and there were significant amounts of Corps and Army level artillery assets. Over 40% of the soldiers of the British Army in NWE were in the artillery. Anti-Tank Regiment, 4 batteries, each of 3 troops of 4 guns.

Who was the artillery observer in World War 2?

The first is characterized by the British, the second by the United States. In World War II both Germany and the Soviet Union tended towards the British method. In the US System, the observer sends a request for fire, usually to his battalion or battery Fire Direction Center (FDC).

What was the formation of the Royal Artillery?

AGRA (Army Group Royal Artillery) was a Corps level formation, typically consisting of: Field Regiment (24 x 25pdr) sometimes self-propelled Medium Regiment (16 x 5.5″) in 2 Batteries each of 2 Troops Medium Regiment (16 x 5.5″) Heavy Regiment (8 x 7.2″ howitzer and 8 x 155mm)

How many artillery regiments are in an Armoured Division?

For an Armoured Division it was the following structure: AGRA (Army Group Royal Artillery) was a Corps level formation, typically consisting of: Which, on average, would give each Division the support of 2 further Artillery Regiments.