What revolver can shoot 410?

What revolver can shoot 410?

Taurus Judge
The Taurus Judge is a five shot revolver designed and produced by Taurus International, chambered for . 410 bore shot shells and the . 45 Colt cartridge….

Taurus Judge
Caliber .410 bore .454 Casull (Raging Judge only) .44 Magnum (Circuit Judge only) .45 Colt .45 Schofield
Action Double-action revolver

Can any 45 LC shoot 410?

Post subject: Re: Can I shoot 45 long colt in my 410? The short answer is NO, it would be unsafe. The standard bore diameter of a 410 is as expected 0.410 inches in diameter with constriction down to ~0.375 inch if your gun is choked about full choke . The 45 colt is 0.451-.

Do they make a 410 revolver?

Like the other modern . 410 bore revolvers, the BFR45LC-410 can also chamber the . 45 Colt cartridge, though I would imagine few will shoot the more traditional revolver round through this gun. Let’s face it: Most people are looking at this gun for its ability to throw shot, not shoot a standard revolver round.

What is a 45 410 revolver?

45/. 410 DA/SA Revolver is capable of chambering both . 45 Colt ammunition and . 410, 2.5″ shotshell ammunition, making it suitable for shooting long and short distances. The Ribber Grips® provide a secure grasp, and the compact steel frame with a matte black finish provides style and durability.

Is a 410 pistol good for home defense?

410 shotgun shells or . 45 Colt ammunition, making it ideal for the short distance shooting that most commonly occurs in self-defense and home defense situations. Because this revolver offers superior accuracy and short-range shooting performance, it can be an ideal handgun for home defense or protection in a car.

Can a 410 be chambered in a 45 cal?

Just be aware for a CCW the .45 cal is the highest revolver option you can qualify with and concealing with a .410 chambered will be illegal (although not for open carry). What the gun has become popular with is the protective ability it provides as a trail gun, and for fun shooting opportunities.

Which is the best 410 revolver on the market?

1 Taurus Judge The Taurus Judge is perhaps the best-known .410 revolver on the market. 2 Smith & Wesson Governor Our next pick comes from Smith & Wesson, and I think we can all agree S&W knows revolvers. 3 Magnum Research BFR

Can a.45 Colt revolver be used as a shotgun?

5-inch [&long&] .[&410&] bore shotgun shells will fit in a .45 Colt chamber. And under the NFA, a gun has to have a smooth bore to be legally considered a shotgun. So since [&revolvers&] and pistols have rifled [&barrels&], they don’t qualify as shotguns even if they are capable of firing .[&410&] shells.

What’s the difference between.45 and.410 ammo?

The weight of your .45 Colt load will determine the velocity and energy of your round. In a 2.5 inch shell the heavier the load the slower the velocity, but the more energy it lends to the shot.