What was the price of a Winchester in 1894?

What was the price of a Winchester in 1894?

NOTE: Add 10 percent premium for Antique Winchester Model 1894s (pre-1898 manufacture); 100 percent premium for First year production guns, October 1894 to December 1894, documented by the Cody Museum; 25 percent for carbines chambered .25-35 or .38-55 cartridge. Deduct 35 percent for carbines without saddle rings.

What was the serial number of the cloverleaf House Revolver?

Cloverleaf House Model Revolver .41 Derringer: 1st Model Derringer: 2nd Model Derringer: 3rd Model Derringer: 4th Model Derringers: Lord & Lady Ehlers Pistols 4 th & 5 th Model Holster or Texas Paterson No.5 Model 1849 Pocket Model 1849 Pocket London Model 1855 Sidehammer .28 Caliber Model 1855 Sidehammer .31 Caliber

What’s the serial number on a Winchester Model 1892?

Winchester Model 1892 Rifle Takedown Threaded For The Maxim Silencer GI#: 101634977 This Winchester was produced in 1908. The rifle’s serial number is 457590.

What’s the price of a Winchester Model 1886 rifle?

NOTE: A new record price for a single firearm was established in April 2016, when a very special Winchester Model 1886 rifle sold for $1.265 million. The historic rifle with serial number 1, had been presented to U.S. Army Captain Henry Lawton following his capture of Apache leader Geronimo in September of 1886.

What was the first Winchester Smokeless powder cartridge?

Model 1894 was the first Winchester developed especially for the smokeless powder. Chambered for these cartridges: .32-40, .38-55, .25-35 Win., .30-30 Win. and .32 Win. Special. All Model 1894s were furnished with blued frames and barrels. Case-hardened frames were available as an extra-cost option.

What was the first Winchester rifle ever made?

Based on a John M. Browning patent, Model 1894 was the most successful centerfire rifle Winchester ever produced. This model is still in production. Values given here reflect those rifles produced before 1964, or around serial number 2550000. Model 1894 was the first Winchester developed especially for the smokeless po

What kind of gun is the Winchester 25-20?

WINCHESTER 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine (no ring) 25-20 Manufactured 1917, Nickel hammer, trigger, receiver band & crescent butt plate, looks good! 20 inch round barrel. Nice blue & wo… (read more)