What was the serial number of the Colt 1911A1?

What was the serial number of the Colt 1911A1?

Paul Krokovic Collection Colt M1911A1 U.S. ARMY Serial Number 1121296 (parkerized finish) – Shipped October 14, 1943 to the Transportation Officer, Springfield Armory in a shipment of 2,000 guns.

What is the value of my Remington Rand 1911a1.45?

Serial number 336270. What year was it What is the value of my Remington Rand 1911A1 .45 ACP in excellent… What is the value of… What is the value of my Remington Rand 1911A1 .45 ACP in excellent condition? Serial number 336270. What year was it made? Thank you.

What kind of gun was the Colt M1911?

Under the direction of General William Crozier, the United States Military started testing several self-loading pistols designed to use the new .45 caliber bullet. Several different models were tested, and John Browning’s design stood out like no other. In 1910, over two days, 6,000 rounds were fired from the Colt M1911.

What kind of holster was used in World War 2?

Original Boyt WWII U.S. M3 Shoulder Holster For Colt 1911/1911A1. NICE! WWII US ARMY BOYT-44 M1916 COLT .45 LEATHER HOLSTER FOR M1911 PISTOL

What was the serial number of the last Ithaca Colt?

Last Ithaca * Colt duplicated the following serial number blocks: 60000 pistols in the Ithaca range 856405-916404 41696 pistols in the Remington Rand range 916405-958100 4171 pistols in the US&S range Return to Colt Auto Pistol Models Home

Where is the proofmark on a Colt 45?

“P” Proofmark matches “P” on top of slide. The “G” marking is for Government Production order. Blued barrel – Left side of barrel marked ” COLT 45 AUTO ” and ” P ” on lug. ” F ” . This marking appeared on barrels from approximately 933,000…

How can I find the serial number of a colt?

Enter the serial number, without spaces or dashes, to search the database. If multiple models appear for your serial number simply match the date with the appropriate model, as certain vintage firearms can share serial numbers between different models.

How many Colt 1911 ACP’s were made?

23) Colt: (Commercial/Military Model) S/N 857,000 to 1,609,529 = 1943 (approx. 6,575 Commercial models were converted to military production. Colt stop it’s commercial production at S/N C215,083)

What is the serial number of a Colt Ace?

A M1911A1 similar to Army National Match.) 3) Colt “ACE”: Caliber = .22 Long Rifle S/N 1 to 10,935 = April 1931 to July 1941 (The last 190 or so were assembled from spare parts in 1947) Parts only partially interchangable with a .45 caliber M1911A1 pistol. M1911A1.

When was the first Colt 45 pistol made?

Military Versions from 1912 to 1945. 2) Colt: S/N 3190 to 7501 = May 31, 1912 to Oct. 10, 1912 (S/N 3501 to 3799 were first U.S.M.C. pistols made by Colt delivered June 6, 1912.)

Where can I find information about Old Colt pistols?

Welcome to Old Colt, an informational resource about Old Colt Pistols, Revolvers and M1911s built from the early 1900’s up to current production. Here you will find high resolution photos, detailed descriptions and Colt serial number shipment dates.

How did the M1911A1 pistol change over time?

The M1911A1 changes to the original design consisted of a shorter trigger, cutouts in the frame behind the trigger, an arched mainspring housing, a longer grip safety spur (to prevent hammer bite), a wider front sight, a shortened hammer spur, and simplified grips. These changes were subtle and intended to make the pistol easier to shoot.

What was the M1911A1 sidearm used for in WWII?

The M1911A1 was the standard issue sidearm for the United States during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Specific differences between the M1911 and M1911a1 are detailed below. The changes were subtle and largely intended to make the pistol easier to shoot.

Who was the manufacturer of the 1911 pistol?

A number of manufacturers were building them including Colt, Ithaca Gun Company, Remington Rand, Singer and Union Switch & Signal. Each of the brands had unique roll stamps that identified the gun’s maker, model, patent numbers, and noted that the pistols were U.S. property. Nearly 1.9 million 1911A1 pistols were built during the war.

Where did the original M1911A1 pistol come from?

The double-­diamond grips honor the original M1911 checkered walnut stocks, but feature Springfield Armory’s cross-­cannon logo that harkens back to the federal armory located in Springfield, Massachusetts, which closed in 1968. It could be argued that Springfield Armory’s 1911 Mil-­Spec is a modern version of the original M1911A1.

Are there any reproductions of the M1911A1?

Inland Manufacturing relaunched the brand with authentic reproduction M1 Carbines, followed by variations of the M1, the M37 shotgun and M1911A1. Its 1911 A1 Government pistol is quite close to the original guns.