When did New York make guns illegal?

When did New York make guns illegal?

The Sullivan Act is a gun control law in New York state that took effect in 1911. The NY state law required licenses for New Yorkers to possess firearms small enough to be concealed. Private possession of such firearms without a license was a misdemeanor, and carrying them in public was a felony.

What is the 1968 Gun Control Act and why was it passed?

It banned interstate shipments of firearms and ammunition to private individuals [and] sales of guns to minors, drug addicts and “mental incompetents.” This is the first time you have in law that mentally unbalanced people ought not to be able to get guns — also convicted felons.

What guns were banned in 1968?

House Resolution 17735, known as the Gun Control Act, was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson on October 22, 1968 banning mail order sales of rifles and shotguns and prohibiting most felons, drug users and people found mentally incompetent from buying guns.

Where is the serial number on a American Gun Co shotgun?

The serial number is also marked on the underside of the forearm and its hardware. The outside hammer action is marked “AMERICAN GUN CO. NEW YORK” on the left side plate and has scalloped border designs.

Where was the original American gun company located?

Location: Goodyear, Arizona. There was no American Gun Company. The name is listed in the Standard Catalog of Firearms as a Crescent Firearms Co. shotgun. American was a trade name used of shoguns wholesaled by H&D Folsom, a very large sporting goods supplier from the late 1800’s until the 1930’s.

What does the American Gun Co New York shotgun look like?

NEW YORK” on the left side plate and has scalloped border designs. The shotgun is fitted with a checkered walnut forearm and semi-pistol grip stock with a checkered hard rubber buttplate embossed with the American Gun Co. dog emblem.

When was the American Gun Co Knickerbocker made?

I acquired an “American Gun Co” New York “Knickerbocker” 12 Gauge recently and am trying to find out more about it also. The Serial Number is 176XXX and have narrowed it down to probably 1928 to early 1930’s. Anyone have a more accurate date of manufacture ? ? ? Rick – Fredericksburg, Virginia Click to expand…