When did the Savage Model 340 rifle come out?

When did the Savage Model 340 rifle come out?

Indeed, that is why it had to be plain. Among the many examples of plain rifles that have appeared over the years, there is none plainer than the Savage Model 340. It appeared in 1950, a couple of years after the action was introduced by a rifle bearing the Stevens name.

What’s the moa of a Savage Model 340?

My 340 has always done quite a bit better than that at the bench. In a test of 13 different factory loads that I conducted some years ago, The 340’s overall average (four-shot groups) with 150-gr loads was 1.80” (MOA). With 170-gr loads it was 1.99”.

When did the Savage C series rifle come out?

I think the “C” series came out in 1958 or 1959 but I don’t know for sure. Not much history has been kept of Savage’s ugly little utility rifle. They’re usually very good shooters though. They stopped making the 340 around ’83. The E was the “fancy” checkered stock version. but around here that doesn’t boost the value any.

What was the price of a Savage Model 110?

The newer and more respectable Savage 110 was listed at $109, and a layout of about $139 would have been needed to procure the admirable Winchester Model 70 or elegant Remington Model 700 in that year. Members of the “Get what you pay for” crowd have never spent much time with plain rifles.

What kind of magazines did the Savage 325 use?

Some of their earlier pre-war models like the Savage model 23, 40, 45, and the 1920 all of which also used detachable magazines, however the magazines used for this new 325 model was a totally different design utilizing a new stamped out sheet steel design, somewhat following their existing bolt action shotgun design.

When was the Model 322 Savage rifle made?

The companion model 322 series were made in 22 Hornet only, and again introduced in 1947, running parallel with the model 325. The 22 Hornet’s magazines were a carry over from being used on their model 23D rifle which was manufactured from 1933 up until 1947 when the model 322 came into being.

When did the Savage 110 rifle come out?

My Savage 110 seems to be pretty early, it would just be nice to be able to put an actual date to it. Still a great gun! The “J” in your barrel stamp indicates rifle was produced in 1958 and based on 6-digit serial number my guess is late ’58.

Where can I find the serial number for my savage rifle?

The best way to look up serial number information for a Savage rifle is to visit the gun manufacturer’s web site and select the Part Finder tab. Not all Savage rifles have a serial number; many firearms made prior to 1968 were not given serial numbers.

When did the Savage Model 325 come out?

In The Beginning, Enter the Stevens Model 325: After WW-2, Savage designed a whole new simpler rifle made with many stamped steel parts, which was soon (the next year) followed by the Remington model 721 using much of the same new manufacturing ideas learned during the wartime production of military armament.

How much is a savage 340 in 22 Hornet?

A friend of mine saw a 340 in 22 Hornet for $279 recently. I have a Springfield Model 840 which is basically the same rifle as the 340. Mine is a 222. I bought the barreled action at a gun show in Houston for $100.00.

What kind of screws are in Savage Model 340?

In case you need new front trigger guard or barrel band screws, they are standard 1/4″ X 28 TPI and can be made from 1/4″ SAE/ National Fine bolts. The early Stevens models 325 & 325 B, they apparently had a shallower recess in the receiver where the top front and the rear corners of the magazine go into.