When was the first Winchester Model 1897 made?

When was the first Winchester Model 1897 made?

Since the time the Model 1897 was first manufactured it has been used by American soldiers, police departments, and hunters. The Winchester Model 1897 was designed by American firearms inventor John Moses Browning. The Model 1897 was first listed for sale in the November 1897 Winchester catalog as a 12 gauge solid frame.

How big is a 12 gauge Winchester barrel?

You are considering a vintage Winchester Model 1897 Barrel that is chambered for 12 gauge 2.75-inch shotshells. It has an improved cylinder choke. The barrel has seen better days but is in decent shape for its age.

How much does a Winchester 1200 rifle cost?

1897 Winchester Model 97 & 12 1200 Trench Gun Heat Shield Bayonet Mount 20 inch ” barrel PRICE: $325.25 MANUFACTURER: Winchester

Who was the inventor of the Winchester shotgun?

The Winchester Model 1897 and the Winchester Model 1893 were both designed by John Browning. The Model 1897 is an external hammer shotgun lacking a trigger disconnector. This means that the user can hold the trigger down while cycling the shotgun and once the action is returned to battery the shotgun fires.

When was the 12 gauge Winchester Model added?

The 12 gauge takedown was added in October 1898, and the 16 gauge takedown in February 1900.

What kind of shotgun is the Model 1897?

The Winchester Model 1897, also known as the Model 97, M97, or Trench Gun, was a pump-action shotgun with an external hammer and tube magazine manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company.

What is the serial number of a Winchester rifle?

Winchester Dates of Manufacture WINCHESTER DATES OF MANUFACTURE Winchester Model 1897: Covering numbers: 31608 – 1024700. Please enter a serial number and click the submit button.

What kind of gun is a Winchester 97?

Winchester Model 97 Solid Frame Winchester Model 97 Trench Gun Winchester Model 1897 Similar Models v’j 45 rgI-

Where can I find the Winchester serial number?

Click the image below to download the PDF document containing the serial number date-range information on many Winchester firearms. You will need the Adobe Reader program to open this file. Adobe Reader is available free from Adobe. THE HISTORY OF WINCHESTER HISTORIC SERIAL NUMBER RECORDS.

Is the Norinco 97 a copy of the Winchester 1897?

The Norinco 97 is an almost exact copy of the Winchester 1897, produced in both Trench and Riot grades, yet lacking in the fit and finish of the originals. When the Model 1897 was first introduced, the price depended upon what grade was being purchased and what features were being added to that specific shotgun.

How did the Winchester Model 1897 Trench grade change?

The Model 1897 Trench grade was an evolution of this idea. The pre-existing Winchester Model 1897 was modified by adding a perforated steel heat shield over the barrel which kept the soldier’s hands off a hot barrel, and an adapter with bayonet lug for affixing an M1917 bayonet. Model 1897 adapter that allowed the attachment of the M1917 bayonet

What kind of gauge did a 1897 shotgun have?

There are 8 Model Configurations with two gauge and several variations of those models. The standard 1897 shotgun was a pump action and had a walnut stock, with a shotgun-type metal butt-plate.