Where are all of Iver Johnson Arms shotguns made?

Where are all of Iver Johnson Arms shotguns made?

All of our current shotguns are manufactured for us by Armed Guns in Turkey. They have been manufacturing shotguns for us for many years now, and they have always made very good quality shotguns for an affordable price. We have a full line of pump, semi-auto, over/under, and single barreled shotguns.

What kind of warranty does Iver Johnson Arms have?

We have a full line of pump, semi-auto, over/under, and single barreled shotguns. Some of our pumps and semi-auto shotguns come in many different finishes. Every model shotgun comes with a one year warranty, when bought new, to the original owner. The warranty is not transferable.

What was the caliber of the Iver Johnson safety?

Iver Johnson Safety Automatic “New Model” Mid 20th century Calibers .22/.32 Long/ .38 S&W. This variation with the pictured “Western” grips was catalogued in the 1940 Shooter’s Bible.

When did Iver Johnson change the name of his company?

Bye continued to work in the firearm industry for the remainder of his life. The company’s name changed again to Iver Johnson’s Arms & Cycle Works in 1891, when the company relocated to Fitchburg, Massachusetts, (sometimes incorrectly referred to as “Fitzburg”) in order to have better and larger manufacturing facilities.

How many chokes are in a Marocchi Armi shotgun?

Nicely scroll/bird scene engraved alloy receiver ejector gun in 3″ 20ga with ejectors and 5 choke tubes, straight comb stock, new in carton box w. warranty. Single selective trigger. Choose 26 …Click for more info

How many targets are in the Iver Johnson gun pack?

Learn prices and values for these Iver Johnson firearms: 62 Printable MOA Targets with DOT Drills – Rifle Range in YARDS This impressive target pack from our friends at Storm Tactical contains 62 printable targets for rifle and handgun range use. Target grids and bullseye sizes are in MOA.

Is the Iver Johnson champion 12 gauge still in good condition?

I received an Iver Johnson Champion 12 gauge recently from my father in law. It was my wife’s grandfathers and it is in excellent condition. It reads something different than the others on here but looks the same.

Where is the number 57241 on a Iver Johnson champion 12?

-Markings: on forend cap (the metal piece which attaches to the wood closest to the breech end) is the numbers 57241. This number also appears on the left side of the receiver covered by the buttstock (just below the main spring).