Where can I get a Winchester Model 70?

Where can I get a Winchester Model 70?

However you can call Winchester Firearms directly to inquire about the date of production on your rifle. Winchester can be reached directly at 800-333-3288. Using the information above you should be able to determine when your Model 70 was produced. And as such follow the chart below for part availability.

What does take up mean on a Winchester 70?

Winchester M.O.A Trigger System. Zero Take Up. Take up is the distance the triggerpiece travels prior to the sear moving toward release and the shooter feeling resistance. The new Model 70 M.O.A. Trigger System has no take up because the take up spring keeps the triggerpiece in constant contact with the actuator.

What makes a Model 70 Winchester a bolt action rifle?

If there were a single feature responsible for the Model 70 being known as the “Bolt-Action Rifle of the Century,” it would be the classic Controlled Round Feed (CRF) bolt design. This is a massive claw extractor that smoothly slips onto and secures about one-quarter of the base of the cartridge.

What kind of ejector does a Model 70 Winchester use?

A blade-type ejector gives you full control when ejecting a fired case. If you pull the bolt back slowly, the empty case doesn’t fly anywhere, so you can catch it in your hand and the case is not damaged as it hits the ground. If you pull the bolt back quickly, it ejects the cartridge with more force, throwing it well clear of the action.

How much does a Winchester 70 Mauser cost?

7mm Mauser (7x57mm) 70 Featherweight Winchester model XTR Featherweight, – Made in USA! 22 inch ” barrel G7077XTR PRICE: $1,125.00 MANUFACTURER: Winchester

What’s the difference between Model 54 and 70 Winchester?

Often referred to as “The Riflemen’s Rifle”. Model 70 is an updated and improved version of Model 54. Features a hinged floorplate, new speed locks, new safety design that does not interfere with telescope, manually releasable bolt stop, forged steel trigger guard, more attractive buttstock and fore-end.

How much is a Model 70 rifle worth?

Model 70 unaltered receivers bring $500 regardless of condition of barrel and stock. If receiver is un-usable then rifle is worth the value of its us­able parts, i.e. less than $500. For Model 70s with “X” or “D” prefix, add a collector premium of 10 percent.

What makes the Winchester Model 70 bolt action rifle different?

This sets the Winchester Model 70 apart from other designs. With the safety in the middle position, the bolt can be opened and operated. In the middle position the safety remains “on safe.” Model 70s have hammer-forged rifling. This type of rifling is considered by many gun experts as the best rifling for accuracy.

What kind of scope does a Winchester Model 70 use?

Winchester Model 70 with rifle scope and 24-inch barrel. One-piece scope mount. Note: There are two variants of scope mounts, long action (magnum rounds) or short action. If using a one piece scope mount, this matters. If using a two-piece scope mount, this matters less. The Winchester Model 70 is a bolt-action sporting rifle.

What was the Winchester Model 70 in 1937?

The first year production rifles would be the standard model, national match model with 24 inch barrels, and the bull gun with a 28 inch barrel in 30-06 only. The Winchester model 70 of 1937 would be chambered in the 250 Savage, 220 Swift, 257 Roberts, 270 Winchester, 7 mm Mauser, and 30-06.

What’s the difference between a Winchester Model 54 and 70?

Some of the new improvements of the new model 70 Winchester over the Winchester model 54 would include a better designed bolt handle and trigger. Winchester would also improved the floor plate and trigger guard. The improved bolt handle and safety would make mounting a scope a much easier task for the gunsmith that would be installing one.

Is the Winchester Model 70 a.264 Magnum?

Pre-64 Winchester Model 70 in .264 Winchester Magnum. This rifle exhibits all the features that made the pre-64 Model 70 such a trusted and iconic rifle.

When did Winchester make the controlled round feed Model 70?

In 1992, Winchester began producing a controlled round feed Model 70 that was marketed as the “Classic” model. This version reintroduced the CRF feature, while retaining the “anti-bind” locking lug groove bolt guide of the 1968 push feed model.