Where do you find the proof marks on a gun?

Where do you find the proof marks on a gun?

The majority of marks will be found on the barrel flats, though early guns may have stamps on the tubes, under the forend. The table below can be used to see if your gun was proofed in London or Birmingham. Many old guns may have been re-proved once or more, often in a different proof house from the original one.

How big is a cap and ball revolver?

Compared to modern cartridge guns, cap and ball revolvers are pretty puny. A .44 caliber cap & ball revolver loaded with a 140-grain round ball over 30-grains of 3Fg Goex black powder only generates 242 ft/lbs of energy. In comparison, a 124-grain, 9mm round produces 304 ft/lbs of power.

What do the marks on a gun mean?

Once tested and successful the weapon was stamped with a seal to acknowledge the testing – called “Proof Marks”. These marks tell the country of origin of the weapon. Proof Marks or “Proofs” as they are sometimes referred to have changed over time, therefore assisting in dating the arm.

Which is the best cap and ball black powder revolver?

Over its main competition, the Remington, the Colt 1860’s open mechanism mitigates black powder fouling very well and the gun’s extended Navy-style grip allows for the gun to have superior balance. Found in the $200-300 range, the 1860 Army is a good, economical and realistic fit. 1. Colt 1851 Navy

Is there a way to proof a shotgun?

Before one start with the technical details, one must understand somewhat of the history of the way in which shotguns have been proofed in modern times. Over time powder has evolved and measurement methods and units has changed.

Can you use a specifed proof mark in the US?

Since the U.S. has no proofing houses (as in England, France, Germany and other European countries), most U.S. manufacturers voluntarily proof their firearms with a specifed style of proofmark (i.e. the interlocked ©WPª synonymous with the Winchester trademark can be fired using modern smokeless powder) shells.

What was the shotgun barrel mark in 1912?

After 1912 marks were changed to show just bullet type and bullet weight as in: St m G 12 g, usually accompanied with a crown-over-N or the word Nitro, specifying smokeless powder. Shotgun barrels of this era are sometimes marked with a powder charge over a shot weight, but the style of those marks didn’t change markedly over time.