Who owns Winterthur Museum?

Who owns Winterthur Museum?

Henry Francis duPont Winterthur Museum Inc
Henry Francis duPont Winterthur Museum, Inc. operates as a non-profit organization. The Organization owns and manages museums and art galleries as well as offers educational programs and activities for adults, families, schools, and colleges.

How many acres is Winterthur?

1,000 acres
Winterthur is also 1,000 acres of protected meadows, woodlands, ponds, and waterways. The 60-acre garden, designed by du Pont, is among America’s best, with magnificent plantings and massive displays of color throughout the year.

How do you spell Winterthur?

Winterthur – Winterthur ( VIN-tər-toor, German: [ˈvɪntɐtuːɐ̯]; French: Winterthour) is a city in the canton of Zürich in northern Switzerland.

Where in Delaware is Winterthur?

Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library is an American estate and museum in Winterthur, Delaware….

Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library
Location Winterthur, Delaware
Coordinates 39°48′21″N 75°36′3″WCoordinates: 39°48′21″N 75°36′3″W
Area 979 acres (396 ha)
Website www.winterthur.org

Is Winterthur worth visiting?

Winterthur is the perfect combination of traditional architecture, outdoor activities and arts and culture. If you travel to Zurich, I highly recommend to spend (half) a day in this pretty town.

How old is Winterthur?

Winterthur was founded about 1175 by the counts of Kyburg, who granted it a charter with extensive privileges. It was inherited in 1264 by the Habsburgs, who sold it to the city of Zürich in 1467.

How much does it cost to get married at Winterthur?

The starting cost at Winterthur Museum & Country Estate for a Saturday night is $1,500 for 50 guests.

What’s in bloom at Winterthur?

White and pink magnolias are in full bloom along with spireas, flowering quince, and flowering cherries. These colors can also be found in the Pinetum along with the pink blossoms of the royal azaleas. While in the Pinetum, don’t miss the Quince Walk, which is lined with pink, salmon, white, and red varieties.

Which country is Winterthur?


Coordinates: 47°29′56″N 8°43′43″ECoordinates: 47°29′56″N 8°43′43″E
Country Switzerland
Canton Zürich
District Winterthur

Why is Winterthur called Winterthur?

When Jacques Antoine and Evelina du Pont Bidermann built a home on their tract of land in northern Delaware, the small estate was named Winterthur after the small Swiss town where Jacques’ family was from. They were a prosperous couple.

What trees bloom in March?

IT’S SPRING! Among our favorite early spring blooming trees are: Japanese magnolia (like the Ann or Jane), eastern redbud, flowering dogwood(white and pink), Taiwan cherry, and wild plum. The Japanese magnolias are among the first bloomers of spring flowering trees.

What does the word Winterthur mean?

Winterthur in British English (German ˈvɪntərtuːr) noun. an industrial town in NE central Switzerland, in Zürich canton: has the largest technical college in the country.

Who is the founder of the Winterthur Museum?

This legacy of generosity starts with founder Henry Francis du Pont, who secured the organization’s future through a gift in his will. Today your support helps to preserve and to share Winterthur’s treasures with thousands of people each year. Please consider one of the many ways to support Winterthur and help us to continue H. F. du Pont’s legacy.

How big is the Winterthur Museum and garden?

A stunning mansion featuring the most significant collection of American decorative arts in the world. A world-class naturalistic garden set within 1,000 acres of rolling hills, streams, meadows, and forests. A leader in the preservation and study of cultural heritage.

Who was Henry Francis du Pont and what did he do?

Kick off summer with thrilling steeplechase racing… Henry Francis du Pont (1880–1969) was born at Winterthur and, in his words, “always loved everything connected with it.“ A former du Pont home, this American treasure reflects the interests and visions of its founding collector and horticulturist.

What is the object of the month in Winterthur?

A former du Pont home, this American treasure reflects the interests and visions of its founding collector and horticulturist. about Object of the Month: Pier Table.