Why did they stop making top break revolvers?

Why did they stop making top break revolvers?

A few people have mused at some point that top-break revolvers would actually make more sense as a defensive pistol than swing-out cylinders. They were also one of the most popular designs well into the 20th century but eventually were phased out. Why? Because they became obsolete, mostly due to changes in ammunition.

Are top break revolvers still made?

The break top revolvers were good technology for their time period but they ended up being overshadowed by the pop-out cylinders. There is only one reason LARGE Calibre top-break revolvers are no longer madeā€¦

Are top break revolvers weak?

The hinged mechanism of the top break provides a critchley weak point. The revolver depends largely on the solid recoil plate to operate properly. The top break hinge wears and is weak.

How to tell which Model H & are 32 top break revolver?

You will be able to tell which model by whether there is a cartridge designation stamped into the left side of the barrel or not.

What was the first double action.32 caliber revolver?

The .32 Smith & Wesson Long was developed when Smith & Wesson went from the break top revolver to the modern swing out cylinder .32. The first modern double-action revolver, the Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector, was chambered for this cartridge. The .32 Smith & Wesson Long fires a 98-grain RNL bullet at about 700 fps from a four-inch barrel revolver.

Are there any.32 Long caliber revolvers on the market?

2018 – We recently received a comment from a visitor that we did not have any S&W .32 Long caliber revolvers in our database. Actually, that is correct. The only .32 Long caliber handguns that we currently have in our database are a couple of derringers.

Is there A.32’s and W revolver?

But as for revolvers that were specifically designed for the S&W .32 Long, well the problem is that the popularity of the .32 Long caliber started to wane in the mid 20th century, probably to the rise of the .32 Magnum and .38 Special during the same time.