Are Savage pump shotguns any good?

Are Savage pump shotguns any good?

Savage Arms offers several Stevens 320 shotguns with various furniture and sighting options, but they all are affordable, durable and perfect for home-defense duty. During testing, the Stevens 320’s pump action was very smooth and easy to operate.

How much is a Stevens 12 gauge pump shotgun?

Savage Stevens 320 Security Pump Shotgun -The Stevens 320 shotgun is loaded with hard-hitting features, including a smooth, reliable pump action, proven rotary bolt and dual slide-bars….1 of 7.

PRICE $229.99
Gauge 12 Gauge
Chamber 3in
Capacity 4+1
Barrel Length 18.5in

What’s the price of a Savage Stevens pump shotgun?

Savage Stevens 320 Pump 12 Gauge Shotgun with Bead Sight – $329.99 Savage’s Stevens brand of firearms is, without a doubt, The Definition of Value. Stevens shotguns provide great value at affordable prices. Current offerings include over/unders and pump models in both field and security

What’s the name of the Savage Arms 320 pump shotgun?

The Stevens 320 Pump is the type of weapon you want in a fight. Stevens is a brand name used by Savage for a line of shotguns it imports from by Sun City Machinery Co. in China. Stevens Arms was founded in the U.S. in 1864 and purchased by Savage in the 1920s. Since then, Stevens has come to mean a quality shotgun at an affordable price.

Which is the best Savage 12 gauge shotgun?

Savage 320 Stevens 12 Gauge Shotgun 3 in 18.5″ Barrel 5 Rnd – $189.99 + Free Shipping A good entry level shotgun at a great price, the Stevens 320 by Savage is a design you are familiar with while offering the best value on the market. With an 18.5″ barrel, bead sight, 5 round capacity in hard

What kind of shotgun is Stevens 320 pump action?

Stevens 320 Security Pump Action 12 Gauge 18.5″ Barrel 5+1 Rounds – $218.49 with code “GUNSNGEAR” Stevens® 320 Security Pump Action 12 Gauge Centerfire Shotgun with Bead Sight. Topnotch quality… incredible performance… exceptional value. Thats what this Stevens® 320 Security Pump Action Shotgun