How does a derringer gun work?

How does a derringer gun work?

The gun was made only in . 41 rimfire. The Remington deringer design doubled the capacity, while maintaining a compact size, by adding a second barrel on top of the first and pivoting the barrels upward to reload. Each barrel chambered one round, and a cam on the hammer alternated between the top and bottom barrels.

How much does a COP 357 derringer cost?

The COP is a blast, or four. Usually. Weight: 28 oz. Price: About $900+ online.

Is a derringer good for self defense?

A derringer is ok for self-defense. But it is a really close range weapon. (6+feet) It is usually two shots , loud and lots of recoil as it is so small it is hard to hold.

When was the 4th Model Colt Derringer made?

Yours is a modern, 4th Model, Colt Derringer, made from 1959 to 1963. The holster would add to the value, but I don’t know how much. Colt really pulled a fast one with this little pistol. It is possibly the cheapest quality Colt that was ever made. The frame and barrel are made of pot metal, but they did use a steel barrel liner.

What’s the value of a Colt 22 Derringer?

Click to expand… Thanks….All the screws are intact and it does open and close easily when sliding the barrel out to load. Selling for my dad so trying to get an idea of a fair price for seller and buyer? thanks Run of the mill 22 Colt #4, used, less than 100 dollars, Made by Butler Machines . under the Colt name.

What kind of gun does American Derringer make?

There is a more effective alternative available. John Price (pictured) and American Derringer build all their guns in-house to the highest standards. American Derringer has beefed up the traditional Remington Double Derringer to .45 Colt caliber and it also will chamber the 2½-inch .410 shotgun shells.

Who is the manufacturer of the Remington Derringer?

The Remington derringer design is still being manufactured by American Derringer and Bond Arms, both of which make derringers in a variety of calibers from .22 long rifle to .45 Long Colt and .410 bore.