How much does an octagon barrel cost per inch?

How much does an octagon barrel cost per inch?

It is what we like to refer to as something that is halfway in-between a round barrel and an octagon. Cost is for up to 26″ finished Length, anything over 26″ finished length is $10.00 per inch. Price is for up to a 26″ finished barrel, anything over 26″ finished length is $10.00 per inch.

What kind of gun is A.44 Henry?

Description: Serial #1015, .44 Henry Flat, 4″ part octagon barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a handsome pistol that retains 95% plus of the bright original blue on the barrel which has a few minor su…

What kind of Revolver is WM Powell and son?

III Model 1872 Revolver by Wm. Powell & Son Description: Serial #6551, .450 CF, 4 1/2 octagonal barrel with a good bore that has mild freckling and light pitting along its length. This revolver retains 75-80% of the original bright blue finish, with the…

What kind of Revolver does Andrew Bottomley have?

A fine English 6 shot double action 7 mm antique pinfire revolver with most original blued finish & folding trigger. Ref 8839. A Fine English brass framed flintlock pistol with 7.5 inch barrel by Bunney of London. Ref 2305 A fine English double action 10 mm antique pin-fire revolver engraved W. DOOLEY LIVERPOOL. Ref 1233

What was the serial number of the 1894 Winchester 25-35?

Receiver area of Model 1894 .25-35 test rifle w/action unlocked. Photo by Suzie Patterson. The rifle that is the subject of this review belonged to Guns and Shooting OnlineSupport person Suzie Patterson’s Grandfather. According to its serial number, it was manufactured in 1907.

What kind of cartridge was the Winchester 25-35?

At that time the .25-35 WCF was a reasonably popular combination deer, antelope and small predator cartridge, although .25-35 rifles and ammunition sales never approached the levels attained by the .30-30 and .32 Win. Special. Still, it was chambered in Winchester, Marlin and Savage lever actions for nearly half a century.

Which is narrower a dodecagon or an octagon barrel?

An Octagon rifle barrel is a 8 sided barrel, a Dodecagon is a 12 sided barrel. The flats on a Dodecagon are typically narrower in width.