How much is a 1873 Trapdoor Springfield worth?

How much is a 1873 Trapdoor Springfield worth?

What is a SPRINGFIELD ARMORY 1873 TRAPDOOR rifle Worth? A SPRINGFIELD ARMORY 1873 TRAPDOOR rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,037.08 used . The 12 month average price is $1,037.08 used.

When was the Springfield Trapdoor rifle made?

The Model 1873 was the fifth variation of the Allin trapdoor design, and was named for its hinged breechblock, which opened like a trapdoor. The infantry rifle model featured a 325⁄8-inch (829 mm) barrel, while the cavalry carbine used a 22-inch (560 mm) barrel….

Springfield Model 1873
Sights Open sights

What caliber is a Springfield 1873?

.45 caliber
United States Springfield Carbine Model 1873,. 45 caliber. The Model 1873 “Trapdoor” is the classic Cavalry carbine of the Old West. The breech block on top of the carbine opened up and flipped forward to load the powerful.

When was my Springfield M1A made?

The Springfield Armory M1A is a civilian version of the M14 rifle designed and manufactured by Springfield Armory, Inc. in 1974.

How much is a 1863 Springfield rifle worth?

An 1863 Springfield in decent condition is going to bring upwards of $1,500.

How a Springfield Trapdoor works?

In firearms, a trapdoor is a form of breech-loading mechanism for rifles in which a hinged breechblock rotates up and forward, resembling the movement of a trapdoor. The Springfield models 1865 and 1873 were best known for first employing this type of action.

How many shots are in a Henry repeating rifle?

The original Henry rifle was a sixteen-shot . 44 caliber rimfire breech-loading lever-action rifle, patented by Benjamin Tyler Henry in 1860 after three years of design work. The Henry was an improved version of the earlier Volition, and later Volcanic.

What is a 45 70 Trapdoor rifle?

45-70 rifle cartridge, also known as . 45-70 Government, was developed at the U.S. Army’s Springfield Armory for use in the Springfield Model 1873, which is known to collectors as the “Trapdoor Springfield.” The new cartridge was a replacement for the stop-gap .

Is the M1A a good sniper rifle?

No. It is not a good Sniper Rifle. A Sniper Rifle is a presicion instrument to ensure one shot, one kill at long distances on man sized targets. An M1A is a damn good Designated Marksman Rifle when properly set up and accurized.

Which Springfield M1A is best?

The M1A SOCOM 16 model is a modernized take on the M1A. Designed for tactical defense, it’s an excellent choice for home-defense…or when you just need a compact rifle. Shorter than the Scout Model, the barrel measures in at 16.25-inches. And it has the same stock with a forward-mounted rail.

What caliber is Springfield musket?


Springfield Model 1861
Barrel length 40.0 in (1,020 mm)
Cartridge Paper cartridge, Minié ball undersized to reduce the effects of powder fouling and for the skirt to grip the grooves when firing
Caliber .58 (14.7320 mm)
Action Percussion lock

When was the minie ball invented?

The French army officer Claude-Etienne Minié invented the bullet that would bear his name in 1849.

When did the Springfield Trapdoor rifle come out?

The Springfield Trapdoor rifles and carbines were a series of breech loading rifle and carbine weapons built from 1865 to about 1888, beginning with the Model 1865 and then with other models being introduced every few years. The Model 1873 is the most popular with collectors.

What’s the serial number on a Springfield Model 1884?

In regards to your last question, that’s really something you would need to need to take up with a qualified antiques dealer/appraiser who can provide a hands on evaluation of the rifle. The model 1884 did not come in serial number 80835, the beginning numbers are 280001 for the rifle, carbine and cadet rifle.

What is the lock plate on a 1873 Springfield Trapdoor rifle?

If the lock plate is marked with this text, then this is a lock plate for an 1873 Springfield Trapdoor rifle or carbine. Look at the stock around the lock plate. This should be rounded off where the lock plate meets the stock. If not, then you have an earlier model Springfield Trapdoor.

What are the markings on a Springfield Trapdoor?

Markings of lower left Barrel in front of Breech V, P, what appears to be a feather, then another P. Also there is a letter “A” on the lower right side of barrel in front of breech. What do these mean? Barrel length is approximately 33″, but stock ends just in front of rear barrel band.