How much is a Thompson rifle worth?

How much is a Thompson rifle worth?

What is a TOMMY GUN rifle Worth? A TOMMY GUN rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,848.83 new and $1,438.08 used . The 12 month average price is $1,932.92 new and $1,438.08 used.

Is Thompson Center Arms going out of business?

Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. Thompson/Center Arms’ loyal consumers should rest assured that they will continue to receive the world-class firearms, accessories, and customer service support that the brand has been known for since its founding in 1965. …

How much is a Thompson Center?

T/C Encore Pro Hunter Complete Centerfire Firearms Models

Caliber Finish/Stock MSRP
.243 WIN Stainless/FlexTech $839
.308 WIN Stainless/FlexTech $839
.308 WIN Stainless/Rubber $779
30-06 SPRG Stainless/FlexTech $839

Is Thompson Center a good rifle?

This is an accurate gun that’s robustly built and undercuts other budget rifles on price by as much as $200 while offering plenty of capability. If you’re looking for a new hunting gun, the Compass II offers excellent bang for your buck.

Who will buy Thompson Center Arms?

Smith & Wesson
On January 4, 2007, Thompson/Center was purchased by Smith & Wesson. On December 8, 2010, Smith & Wesson announced that the original Rochester, New Hampshire plant would be closed and manufacturing was transferred to Springfield, Massachusetts.

Who owns Thompson Center now?

Thompson/Center Arms/Parent organizations

How accurate is a Thompson Center Encore?

When I used between 185-200 grains, my 3 five-shot groups averaged 1.72 inches, and when I used 140 grains, it was around 1.2 inches. With most loads, you can expect excellent accuracy. The more often you clean the gun—and riflescope—the better shot groups you get.

How accurate is the Thompson Center Venture?

Because of such things as the 5R rifling, bedding and adjustable trigger, T/C is confident enough in the Venture to offer a 1-MOA accuracy guarantee of three shots at 100 yards, using premium ammunition.

Are Thompson Center scopes any good?

They are a good little scope. IMHO Thompson Center scopes are excellent scopes for the money. I have several, not only on ML’s, but on centerfire rifles as well. I have not owned a 1X, but the 1.5X5X32’s, fixed 4X, and 3X9X40’s that I have, perform very well.

What kind of Guns does Thompson Center Arms make?

Thompson/Center Arms was an American firearms company based in Springfield, Massachusetts. The company was best known for its line of interchangeable-barrel, single-shot pistols and rifles. Thompson/Center also manufactures muzzle-loading rifles and was credited with creating the resurgence of their use in the 1970s.

When did Thompson Center change to Thompson Center Arms?

As K.W. Thompson Tool began marketing Center’s Contender pistol, the company name was changed to Thompson/Center Arms Company. Then, in 1970, Thompson/Center created the modern black powder industry, introducing Warren Center’s Hawken-styled black powder muzzle-loader rifle.

Which is better center bolt action or Thompson?

Built with the hardcore all-season hunter in mind, Thompson/Center bolt action rifles represent a higher standard of reliable accuracy. Tell more stories about the ones that didn’t get away. Some still consider patience a virtue.

Is the Thompson / Center T / C compass 2 a good rifle?

T/C® COMPASS® II is a feature-rich rifle that is packed with value. From the range, to the fields to the mountains, any pursuit, at any budget. Built with the hardcore all-season hunter in mind, Thompson/Center bolt action rifles represent a higher standard of reliable accuracy.