How old is high standard double 9?

How old is high standard double 9?

The Double-Nine, a double-action nine shot Western style revolver, first appeared in 1958. It had an aluminum frame, a rebounding hammer, and a 5½ inch barrel.

How much is a High Standard Model B worth?

What is a HIGH STANDARD B pistol Worth? A HIGH STANDARD B pistol is currently worth an average price of $353.46 used . The 12 month average price is $353.46 used.

What year was the high standard sport king made?

Sport King model It was originally produced in 1950.

What is the value of a high standard 22 double nine?

I have a HI-STANDARD DOUBLE NINE .22 CAL REVOLVER, Model # W-101, Serial # 1091897. When was this Revolver Manufactured? What is the value of a High Standard R-107 revolver? 50-200 What is the value of a high standard 22 cal revolver? 50-200 usd What is the value of a high standard 357 magnum revolver? 100-300 or so

When was the Hi Standard double nine made?

The grips are original to the gun, and the catalog model number was 9169. In that condition (great pics by the way), the gun is clearly out of the collector realm and would sell as a shooter in the $200 range. The serial number suggests a September – October 1958 manufacture, the actual ship date was 2/12/1959.

What was the first high standard double nine revolver called?

Sears sold the gun as the J.C. Higgins Ranger or Model 90, and later also as the Ranger De Luxe. High Standard also made western style revolvers for Western Auto and Kroydon Arms. W-100. The first Double-Nine series was called the W-100. W-101.

How big is the barrel on a high standard double nine?

The 1970 Hombre had a 4” barrel, whereas later versions had a 4.5” barrel, as did all the Durangos. High Standard also made a copy of the Double-Nine from 1971 through early 1975 that was called the NATO 49er. It had the aluminum frame of the W-105 series guns, rather than the steel frame of the W-106. W-106.