Is Rey Mysterio the best wrestler of all time?

Is Rey Mysterio the best wrestler of all time?

Rey Mysterio is a classic example of what makes a great High-Flying wrestler. Amazing selling, good charisma, and most of all, a move-set that would make Ric Flair blush.

Is Rey Mysterio eye bad?

Never fear: Rey Mysterio’s eye is actually fine. It was reported during the pay-per-view that Mysterio was sent to the doctor and there was a good chance of his eye being saved, so that’s most likely the direction his story will take next to account for his eye actually being fine.

What was Rey Mysterio’s best match?

5 Of Rey Mysterio’s Best Matches In WWE (& 5 In WCW)

  • 3 WCW: Rey Mysterio Vs.
  • 4 WWE: Rey Mysterio Vs.
  • 5 WCW: Rey Mysterio Vs.
  • 6 WWE: Rey Mysterio Vs.
  • 7 WCW: Rey Mysterio Vs.
  • 8 WWE: Rey Mysterio & Edge Vs.
  • 9 WCW: Rey Mysterio Vs.
  • 10 WWE: Rey Mysterio Vs. Eddie Guerrero (SmackDown, Nov.

How famous is Rey Mysterio?

Mysterio has pretty much done it all in the WWE, as he is a former one-time WWE Champion, two-time World Heavyweight Champion, six-time Intercontinental Champion, four-time Tag team Champion, as well as a Royal Rumble winner among many other accolades.

Why did Rey Mysterio retire?

A wrestling legend might be stepping away for good next week. WWE announced Rey Mysterio is holding a retirement ceremony on the June 1 edition of Raw. Mysterio has been out of action since May 11, when he suffered a severe eye injury at the hands of Seth Rollins.

What is Rey Mysterio doing now?

Rey Mysterio is a professional wrestler currently working with WWE. He wrestles on WWE’s SmackDown brand along with his son Dominik Mysterio. He has had a storied career with WWE winning every major title the company has to offer.

Is eye for an eye match real?

Fans should have been treated to a classic five-star match between a seasoned veteran and a future WWE Hall of Famer but instead witnessed fake blood, a fake eye and vomit.