Is there a problem with Browning Citori 725?

Is there a problem with Browning Citori 725?

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Is the trigger on a Browning 725 mechanical?

Browning actually told me that the trigger isn’t truly mechanical that it take inertia to switch between barrels. Mine too will also snap with snap caps but will not fire bo h barrels with light loads. They admit that it’s only meant to be mechanical with 12 and 20 gauge.

Why is my trigger not working on my 725?

My 725 is currently at a gunsmith being evaluated. He is going to try and polish up some parts and stone some parts and see if that helps. He also agrees its odd that the trigger will work fine with snap caps but not with light loads.

Why does my Browning gun not fire when I pull the trigger?

When there is enough recoil this doesn’t happen. You can often times keep pulling the trigger over and over and it will jiggle the gun enough to get it to release and then the gun will fire. If you have had this issue with a failure to fire and you have found a fix please let me know.

Why do I need to clean my Browning Citori?

Turns out this is a common problem due to gunk build up. So I found some good directions on shotgun world web site by Bill Wood and performed this cleaning as he described. I thought a video would help others. Sorry the focus isn’t too great, but I think you can figure it out while you compare it to your Citori. Loading…

How to close a Browning Citori plus trap?

Keep pressure on the barrels to keep the hinge pin aligned in the barrel lug’s circular recess, and simultaneously rotate the barrels upward, fully closing the actions (See Figure 6). 4 Release the top lever. It should snap back to its central position.

Where is the takedown lever on a Browning Citori?

The forearm and latch can fx’ installed in one motion by positioning the forearm as show and tapping the forearm’s widest part sharply toward the barrels with the heel of your hand (See Figure 8). the takedown lever should then automatically lock into position.