What is the range of a 410 shotgun slug?

What is the range of a 410 shotgun slug?

A 410 shotgun will shoot and kill game birds at anywhere between 25 and 40 yards. At the 40 yards range, a good shot is going to have to be fired as the shot pattern is less dense. The 410 can fire a rifled slug around 125 yards but it will have dropped about 12 inches and have lost around 70% of its energy.

Who makes a 410 revolver?

Taurus International
The Taurus Judge is a five shot revolver designed and produced by Taurus International, chambered for . 410 bore shot shells and the . 45 Colt cartridge. Taurus promotes the Judge as a self-defense tool against carjacking and for home protection….

Taurus Judge
Sights Fixed

What is a Stevens Model 59A worth?

The Stevens Model 59A is one of the many single shot and bolt action utility grade guns produced. They were designed as inexpensive utility grade, but are good quality guns. The values are: excellent -$175, very good-$125, good-$100, fair-$75, poor-$50.

How much does a Winchester 410 shotgun cost?

This is a Winchester Model 1894, in a .410 shotgun New in the Original Box. Shipping $35 (read more) Winchester model 42, 410 pump shotgun There are ONLY 41 master engravers currently. This is a One of a KIND Engraved Winchester Model 42 Pump action .410 shotgun. This Model 42 was… (read more)

What to know about the Winchester Model 42?

What to know about the Winchester Model 42 shotgun: Introduced during the Great Depression, the Model 42 was produced until 1963. It was the first pump gun designed for the .410 bore. It’s a scaled down version of the earlier Model 12 shotgun. About 164,800 were produced, in a variety of grades and with special features.

When did the 410 pump shotgun come out?

Winchester Model 42 410ga 3″ prewar 28″ full choke,solid rib,serial #24795 made in 1936,original condition with good bluing on the barrel and receiver. GUN COLLECTIONS WANTED FOR C… (read more)

What kind of shotgun is a 410 gauge?

Winchester model 42 410 Ga. field style shotgun comes full choke 28″ plain barrel. Gun is about 75% honest wear. Buyer pays $48.00 shipping. Ships to FFL Dealer or C & …Click for more info