What is the value of a Belgium Browning?

What is the value of a Belgium Browning?

If that is was one of the Belgian (FN, made before 1976) then it’s worth a little more (maybe $50) to a collector that puts a value on where it was manufactured. But as has been stated, the value is going to be determined by the buyer, if he thinks that the condition is poor enough he might not offer more than $150 to $200.

Where was the Belgium Browning semi auto made?

Serial # 73X 50504. 20 Ga. 3” semi auto shotgun made in Belgium in 1973. 25” vent rib barrel choked cylinder with a bore that should clean up to excellent. The barrel has been cut approximately 3”. 75% of the original finish remains on the metal. There are some scuff marks on the barrel and some dings and heavy carry wear on the receiver.

What’s the best condition for a 1971 Browning?

Offered is a 1971 Belgium made Browning Grade III that is in a Tolex case. It was engraved by Angelo Bee and remains in terrific condition. The Tolex case is near new and the best condition that I hav …Click for more info Stunning BAR HiPower rifle, very rare grade 5 by the world renowned and head master engraver L. Vrancken. Cal. 300 Win. Mag.

Where was the Browning 1911 automatic pistol made?

This automatic pistol was another design of the ingenuity of John Moses Browning. Almost all guns model 1910 were manufactured in the Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre – commonly known simply as FN – built in Liège, Belgium. The weapon was in production in Belgium until 1983 for commercial sale.

Is the Browning A5 semiauto made in Belgium?

This firearm is a Browning A5 chambered in 12 GA with a 3″ chamber. It is a long recoil operated semiauto made in Belgium. Overall this this is a good quality shotgun that has been refinished bot …Click for more info NEW THIS WEEK! Overall condition may best be described as “shooter grade”.

What kind of shotgun was made in Belgium?

Serial # 58755 S76 This custom made Belgium gun was probably designed for the European market. The condition SHOTGUN – Belgium made 12 gauge Browning SHOTGUN – Belgium made 12 gauge Browning shotgun s/n 157027 two-part checked walnut stock. 29” barrel 49” long overall good condition reblued frame.

How much is a 1969 Browning 69X worth?

Belgium built will bring a little more as well. 69X = Made in 1969. In that condition $350. Based on my older copy of the Blue Book of Gun Values and my guess that the gun is a Browning Auto-5 Magnum series and assuming that the condition is about 50% to 60% (at best) the value would be listed at somewhere around $350 to $450.