What was the model number of the Walther P38?

What was the model number of the Walther P38?

Serial numbers ended at 1025. With a few more minor changes, the pistol finally was accepted by the German army, and “P38” became the official model name! The army initially ordered 800 pieces on April 1, 1939. Many of these pistols had mixed parts between the HP and P38 and be marked with the commercial proof.

When did the Walther 9mm Luger p41 come out?

Walther P38 AC-41 9mm Luger AC41 P-38 German WWII production Late 1941 variation – seldom find Perfect bore in 9 mm Luger caliber This gun is in perfect working condition  It was professionally restored Tested and operated flawlessly  Reviews There are no reviews yet.

What is the serial number on a Walther zero?

Every part on the zero series will be proof marked with the “eagle 359” marking. Even the grips will be serial numbered to match the gun! as well as proof marked. Be sure to check this all out!

What was the name of the next Walther pistol?

Walthers’ next design incorporated an enclosed hammer, as well as a free floating barrel (the army demanded a free floating barrel for reliability). This new pistol was known as the Walther AP (armee-pistole). This pistol had a take down lever like the P08, and also had the double action trigger system of the PP.

When did the Mauser p38 Luger stop being made?

In June, 1940 the Army issued orders to the Mauser, Obendorf to cease production of the P08 Luger, and begin to produce the P38. The leadership at the Mauser plant was not in favor of this change, and the production of the P08 Luger continued up until 1942. Finally in November 1942, the production of the P38 began at Mauser.

Where is the serial number on a P-38 Luger?

On a P-38, the entire number is stamped on the frame, slide, and the front of the barrel. The locking lug often is numbered with the last two or three digits of the serial number. Unlike a Luger that has every single part numbered, getting a matching P-38 is not that difficult since there are only 3 major and 1 minor numbered parts.

What was the serial number for the Walther i-7374?

April 1940 AC40 Walther I-7374 ‘AC’ code for Walther, followed by year of 40, October 1940 AC Walther 7384-9912 AC no date, ‘AC’ also on left triggerguard, very scarce AC40 Walther 9988-5942a 40 under AC, high polish, hand stamped AC40 Walther 5942a-9965b New German Alpha-Numerica serial number system used for remainder of the war.

Who are the manufacturers of the p38?

Manufactures and Varieties: Wartime P-38s were made by 3 manufacturers; Walther, Mauser, and Spreewerk of Spandau Berlin. Walthers are marked on the slide with an ‘AC’ and then the date. The same is true with Mausers which are marked with ‘BYF’ and the date.

What was the first Walther 9mm Parabellum pistol?

The first design in this series of pistols was the Walther PP. This pistol was very successful; it was a blowback action, with a double action trigger. Walther thought first that they simply needed to enlarge the dimensions of the PP in order to have a successful 9mm Parabellum design.

What was the difference between the Walther AP and HP?

The AP was the building block to Walther next design – the HP, or Heeres-Pistole. Walther made a few minor changes to come up with the Walther HP. The HP had an external hammer, which the army preferred, and had a single case harden locking block, which prevented it from cracking.