When did the antique photo parlour get started?

When did the antique photo parlour get started?

The Antique Photo Parlour was started in 1976 by Fay Cunningham. For over 40 years, she has been playing dress up with people of all ages from all over the world, creating old time photos with memories that last a lifetime! You can dress up from a variety of era’s including:

What happens if you take a picture in a public place?

This means you can’t take a picture in a public place with recognizable faces and then sell it to Coca-Cola or a stock photo company (you can, however sell them to news organizations or use them for art). The same goes for many famous landmarks and some National Parks.

Where was the factory where the picture was taken?

They are standing in front of a clothing factory just outside Belfast, Ireland, and are wearing their work clothes. At first glance nothing seems wrong with the picture, but when you look more closely, you can see something remarkable.

How old is the Gage restaurant in Chicago?

The restaurant serves refined, rustic fare complemented by an innovative libations program in a lively, convivial setting. Recently celebrating over ten years in business, The Gage continues to be both a respected classic and an innovative leader on Chicago’s dining scene.

Where can I buy historical photos of Chicago?

Friedman Fine Art and Chicago-photographs.com is pleased to present the following historic images of Chicago. These Chicago images from the turn of the century to the 1960’s illustrate beautiful lakefront and river scenes, street scenes and architectural masterpieces. Photographs are available for purchase – call or email to inquire about pricing.

Where did the Gage Building get its name?

Press enter to select a date. For groups of 12 or more and to inquire about group dining or private events, please contact us at 312.372.4001 or click here. The Gage takes its name from the architecturally significant Gage Group of buildings (18-24 South Michigan).

What did Chicago look like in the 1920’s?

The photos come from the Illinois Department of Transportation and appear to have been made for the Chicago Park District’s Engineering Section, according to the university. Photos depict intersections, streets, bridges, snow removal and other traffic features in the city, mainly along major streets.