When was my Remington 870 Wingmaster made?

When was my Remington 870 Wingmaster made?

The Remington Date Codes are always stamped into the barrel’s lower side, near the rear – just ahead of the receiver. The first letter of the Code is the month of manufacture, followed by one or two letters which are the year of manufacture.

What year was my Remington manufactured?

A two or three letter code on the left side of the barrel identifies the month and year of manufacture. The first letter identifes the month, the other letter(s) identify the year.

What is a Remington 870 Wingmaster 20 gauge worth?

A REMINGTON 870 WINGMASTER LW 20 shotgun is currently worth an average price of $963.54 used . The 12 month average price is $963.54 used. The used value of a REMINGTON 870 WINGMASTER LW 20 shotgun has risen $72.54 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $963.54 .

How many rounds does a Remington 870 Wingmaster hold?

With the plug, magazine capacity is 2. Without the plug, it’s 4. Adding or removing the plug takes about 10 seconds.

How old is the Remington 870?

70 years old
This year the 870 turns 70 years old, and it’s a perfect time to look back at a gun that shouldn’t have been great, but turned out to be a classic. In the 1940s, Remington already had a great pump gun: the Model 31.

What year did Remington start using serial numbers?

With the hundreds of different Remington models produced over the past 200 years, it can sometimes be difficult to determine the age of your firearm. Since serial numbers were not required until 1968, your firearm may not have a serial number.

What is the difference between the Remington 870 Express and wingmaster?

The only real difference between the two shotguns is their cosmetic look and some of the internal parts. The Remington 870 Express contains synthetic fore-ends and stocks made of laminated wood. The Remington 870 Wingmaster will obviously be more expensive since it is made with walnut and polished metal surfaces.

Can you shoot slugs out of a Remington 870 Wingmaster?

Post subject: Re: Can my Remington Wingmaster 870 shoot a slug ? short answer, yes you can shoot slugs out of your 870.

How to find the manufacture date of a Wingmaster?

However, the lettered barrel code is the best way to find the manufacture date, assuming the barrel is original. Post subject: re: Wingmaster manufacture date via serial number?? But, there are also apparently a lot of guns without the barrel codes. Made right in the middle of when Remington was doing the barrel code thingy.

Is there a serial number on a Remington Wingmaster?

Oh yes, they all have a lonely little proof mark on the other side of the barrel. Post subject: re: Wingmaster manufacture date via serial number?? Call Remington at 1-800-243-9700. (I think they are open M-F 9-5pm EST)

How to find the manufacture date of a Remington 870?

Gun Manufacture Date Gun Manufacture Date There are 3 pages which enable you find out the manufacture date of your firearm: Remington Serial/Barrel Number Lookup Glock Serial Number Lookup Italian Firearm Manufacture Date Code Lookup

When was the first Wingmaster 12 Gauge Magnum made?

I know; I have a Model 1100 LT20 Magnum (1978 vintage) with the original barrel and no barrel code, and an 870 12 gauge Magnum (circa 1976) with the original barrel, also with no code, and finally an 1100 28 gauge (Probably 1976 or 1977) with no barrel codes. I love it when these things happen.