When was the 1903 Colt Pocket Hammerless made?

When was the 1903 Colt Pocket Hammerless made?

Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless .32 ACP Model M, Type III: This gun was manufactured in 1922. It holds 9 rounds, 8 in the magazine plus 1 in the chamber. The .32 ACP round is also known as the 7.65 mm.

How do you disassemble a Colt Model 1903?

Disassembly is likewise easy and straightforward. Remove the magazine and make sure the chamber is empty. Pull the slide back to cock the hammer and release. Move the slide back until the takedown arrow on the left front of the slide is even with the front edge of the frame, and rotate the barrel to the left.

What kind of safety did the Colt 1903 have?

The M-1903 has a manual safety on the left side of the frame and was the first gun to be offered with a grip safety. Edges and corners were rounded and smoothed so that it was indeed easy to slip into one’s pocket, hence the model’s moniker.

What should I do about my Colt Pocket Hammerless?

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What’s the serial number on a 1903 Colt?

Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless 32 A.C.P. With Reproduction Box This Colt was produced in 1918. The Colt’s serial number is 273931. The box is a high quality reproduction box with it’s papers. The Colt has the original hard rubber grips. There is a small c …Click for more info

When did the Colt Pocket pistol go on sale?

Browning acquiesced, cut a very lucrative deal with Colt, and slightly modified the gun’s design. Thus, in 1902, Colt started production of the Colt Automatic Pistol, Pocket Model (factory designation Model M). The gun went on sale in August of that year and was a huge hit.

When did the Colt Model 1908 come out?

In 1908, a version chambered for the .380 ACP was introduced, known as the Model 1908. This resulted in the production of another 138,010 guns. (M-1908s in .380 could be easily converted to .32 ACP, but not vice versa.)

What kind of magazine Assembly does a 1903 Colt semi auto use?

This Colt manufactured late variation nickel finished 8 round magazine assembly is for the model 190.. This Colt manufactured retractor spring is for the model 1903 Hammerless Pocket semi-auto pistol in .. This Colt manufactured retractor spring guide is for the model 1903 Hammerless Pocket semi-auto pist..

How can I find the serial number of a colt?

Enter the serial number, without spaces or dashes, to search the database. If multiple models appear for your serial number simply match the date with the appropriate model, as certain vintage firearms can share serial numbers between different models.

Where can I buy a letter of authenticity for a colt?

If your firearm does not appear in the listing, please understand that this is not a comprehensive database. If you wish to purchase a Letter of Authenticity with more definitive information for your firearm, please contact Colt Archive Properties, LLC.

How much does a 1903 Colt rifle cost?

32 Auto (7.65 Browning) NIB Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless ACP 3-3/4″ Nickel by US Armament 868695000145 U.S. Property Marked Bright Polished Finish 3 inch ” barrel 1903N PRICE: $1,499.99

How much does a 1928 Colt Colt cost?

32 Auto (7.65 Browning) Automatic 1928 Colt Model 1903 Rimless *TYPE IV POCKET HAMMERLESS MODEL* PRICE: $1,751.00 MANUFACTURER: Colt

What kind of magazine does a 1903 Colt have?


When was the Colt Model 32 ACP made?

My .32 ACP is a “Type III” specimen, made from 1910 to 1926, with some 363,046 guns being produced in that period. The Type III guns eliminated the barrel bushing and magazine safety of earlier versions.


When was the first Colt Pocket pistol made?

Pre-war pocket auto made in 1924, with nickel finish and wood grips. Has about 97% nickel with a few light spots of pitting. The grips show wear but are not cracked. The bore is very good. Colt Model 1903 .38 rimless automatic pistol with hammer, mfg. 1919. bore is excellent.

What kind of caliber is a Colt Pocket Hammerless?

The Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless is .32 ACP caliber, self-loading, semi-automatic pistol designed by John Browning and built by Colt Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut. The Colt Model 1908 Pocket Hammerless is a variant introduced five years later in .380 ACP caliber.

What was the serial number of the 1903 Colt?

The 1903 Colt “Hammerless” Pocket Model. About 1911 (at approximately serial number 115,000 for the .32 and 8000 for the .380) the scalloped band around the word “COLT” was eliminated in favor of two straight lines, and an elongated letter “C” appeared behind the rampant colt instead of the circle.

How much is this automatic 32 caliber worth?

Hopw much is this automatic 32 worth. … read more I have a Colt automatic 32 rimless smokeless. Serial No. 184528. I have a Colt automatic 32 rimless smokeless. Serial No. 184528. Patented Apr 20,1897. Dec. 22, 1903. Out hunting I was going to fire it and Friend said not to. So I would like to know the value of it … read more

What was the name of the new Colt gun?

John Browning, however, had designed a new semi-auto pistol around the fairly new .32 ACP cartridge. The new gun was dubbed the Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless, or behind closed doors at the plant, the Hammerless Model M. Although the name was misleading, the gun did have a hammer, but it was concealed inside the slide.

What was the magazine capacity of a Colt 1903?

The .32 ACP had a 71 grain FMJ that was listed as having a muzzle velocity of 900 fps and the Colt 1903 had a magazine capacity of eight rounds, giving you a total of nine with one in the chamber.

How much 1903 Colt automatic 32 caliber rimless smokeless worth?

How much 1903 Colt Automatic 32 caliber rimless smokeless worth? I inherited what appears to be an antique Colt semi-auto handgun. I inherited what appears to be an antique Colt semi-auto handgun. It is .32 calibre and described on the slide as, “Automatic Colt, Calibre 32 Rimless, … read more Type your gunsmiths question here.

Is the.32 Auto cartridge good for a pocket pistol?

Given the fact the .32 Auto cartridge works so well in a small pocket pistol I thought it would be worth doing a ballistic test to see what was what. I secured two pistols to use in the ballistic test, the new Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless Pistol made by US Armament Corp and the ever popular Kel-Tec P-32.

What is the serial number on a Colt 38?

Various law enforcement ac… I have a colt .38 automatic pistol that says ” colts pt fa mfg co and below Hartford Ca USA” on one side with a serial number in the 35000 -36000 range. On the other side it says “Automatic Colt and b … read more

When was the grip added to the Colt pistol?

The grip safety, though not solely restricted to them, was a typical feature of Colt automatic pistols. A magazine safety was added on later models; this feature prevents the pistol from being fired with a round in the chamber and the magazine removed. In 1908, a .380 ACP version of this gun was introduced.

Who was the Japanese prime minister who used a Colt Model 1903?

Former Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo used a Colt Model 1903 to attempt suicide shortly before his arrest for war crimes in September 11, 1945. Tojo was convicted at trial and was executed on December 23, 1948. Tojo’s pistol is on display at the MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk, Virginia.