When was the German Luger used?

When was the German Luger used?

On recoil after firing, the mechanism opened to receive a new cartridge from an eight-round, removable box magazine in its grip. Many different models of the Luger were developed after its invention by George Luger, an Austrian, in 1898. The Luger was the standard pistol of the German armed forces from 1908 to 1938.

Are German Lugers accurate?

Yet, the Luger has a reputation for toughness and accuracy that obviously served German soldiers well. Lugers from the early 20th century are particularly well-made, built to standards so exacting that many P08s that first saw service during World War I were completely usable during World War II and beyond.

Where can I find a Luger identification guide?

This is one of a series of identification guides for small arms. The 1920 dated and double dated rework Lugers (DWM and Erfurt) are in the “Lugers – DWM Commercial 1898-1929” Gallery.

How can I determine the value of a German luger?

Whether purchasing or selling, knowing the value of the firearm is crucial. Determining the value of a German Luger can be done by accessing a few readily available resources. Check online. Several websites online list the names, serial numbers, production histories and approximate market values of German Luger pistols.

What’s the serial number on an imperial Luger?

Complete serial number tables can be found in Jan Still’s “Imperial Lugers” and “Third Reich Lugers”, respectively. Commercial serial numbering began with 1 in 1901, and continued to the 92,000 range in 1921.

Are there serial numbers for Third Reich lugers?

The chart referred in Railsplitters post was based on the known serial numbers at the time, if you have one outside the range reported in third reich lugers you will find that Mr Still ( Jan) would be most interested. Could you provide pictures of the proofs on the right hand receiver and a picture of the full serial number with suffix letter.