Where did I find an old classic shotgun?

Where did I find an old classic shotgun?

While spending time with family in Lansing during Christmas in 2015, I stopped at Classic Arms. As I was browsing the used gun rack, my eyes came to rest on that old shotgun, looking forlorn and unwanted. I knew it was the same gun because I remembered some of the marks on the stock.

What was the lock time of the first 10 gauge shotgun?

Boasting a lightning-fast (for its day) lock time of 1/625 second, the NID was simple and famously strong. Such was the gun’s reputation that in 1932, Winchester-Western chose Ithaca to build the first gun to chamber the 3 1/2-inch, 2-ounce, 10-gauge cartridge.

How old was my uncle when he gave me a shotgun?

In 1963, when I was 15 years old and growing up in Lansing, Mich., my Uncle Jerry had me do a few odd jobs for him, and as payment he presented me with a Stevens Model 94 16-gauge —an old single shot shotgun with a Tenite synthetic stock.

When did the Famar Superposed shotgun come out?

Reintroduced in 1948, it became the affordable fine gun of an affluent postwar generation of shotgunners in the ’50s and ’60s. If you want to nitpick, the Superposed is overweight and too tall in the action, but more than any other model, it established the over/under as the glamour gun of American wingshooting. Famars Produced: 1967–present

How big is the barrel on the Hobden shotgun?

With 26-inch open-choked barrels, it is a 6.5 pound delight. It was special ordered by a Mr. Hobden and crafted to his specifications. He took delivery at the maker’s London showroom on Picadilly Street in December, 1958, according to the factory letter that accompanies the shotgun.

When did a gun become considered an antique?

After the passage of gun control Act of 1968, the arbitrary date of 1898 was chosen as the date to be used to determine whether a firearm would be considered an antique or modern. Since most guns don’t have a date of manufacture, serial numbers records suddenly became very important.

Are there any antique shotguns for sale in the UK?

For Sale By MFL Classic Firearms Muzzle loading Wildfowling shotgun Continental single barrel we stock all varieties but have 28″ 12g in our store. £485 with postage to your chosen RFD….

What kind of shotgun was in the 19th century?

Late 19th Century Charles Lancaster ‘Patent Breech Loader’ 151 New Bond Street, London 14 Bore Obsolete pin fire 14g shot gun have had hanging on my wall for some years lovely demascus barrels …

Which is the most rare type of gun?

29 Classic Guns: Old Rifles, Collectible Shotguns, and Other Rare Guns. 1 1. Stevens Model 94. This vintage Stevens single shot still does a number on the grouse each fall. Reader Photo. In 1963, when I was 15 years old and 2 2. Model 48 Topper. 3 3. MacNaughton Bar-in-Wood. 4 4. Cogswell and Harrison Konor 12 Gauge. 5 5. Parker VH.