Where to find serial number on Smith and Wesson CTG 32?

Where to find serial number on Smith and Wesson CTG 32?

SERIAL # LOCATIONS: To confirm all parts are original, one can check for the 6 matching serial # locations for fixed sight pre war Hand Ejectors and all post war Hand Ejectors thru ~1956 and a few as much as 3 years later.

What’s the serial number on a s and W 30?

Both the Break top and this one looked brand new. So I called him up, we met, and I am the new owner of a S&W Model 30 I-frame .32 S&W Long (Model 1903) serial number 287XXX. Should have bough the Top Break too!

Where are the serial numbers on the 32 Hand Ejector?

A keepsake for sure and one to pass on. Welcome to the forum. The official Model name is “.32 Hand Ejector”. Th serial #s are located:

What’s the serial number on A.32’S & W?

Serial # is 693448. I have no idea which model this is, and any help would be greatly appreciated, from an owner of a Model 25 that I already regret selling. Please note that when I sold it, .45 colt long rounds were over $1 apiece. Pictures?? Welcome to the forum. As grasshopper said pictures would help very much.

When did the double action Smith and Wesson 32 come out?

In January of 1882 the Second Model .32 double-action was introduced with only one change. The rocker-type cylinder stop was eliminated and a long, slender, extended arm was substituted. Although this improvement did away with the extra set of notches, the cylinder stop remained partly exposed and a catch-all for dirt.

Where is the yoke on a Smith and Wesson 32?

Yoke – on rear face only visible thru a chamber with a flashlight (except the .32 Model 1896 and no doubt a few others) 4. Extractor star – backside 5. Cylinder – rear face 6.

When did the Smith and Wesson 32 S and W come out?

This is a lovely safety hammerless (First Model), .32 Smith and Wesson revolver, in .32 S&W, Mfg date between 1888 and 1902 this has a BBL of 3 1/2″ long and weighs in at 18oz. Have to see it …Click for more info

How to identify a Smith and wesson.38 special CTG?

Count the number of chambers on the revolver. The .38 Special CTG is a six-shooter. Measure the barrel and make sure it is six inches. Cross reference the serial number with Smith & Wesson’s customer service (see Resources). Submit the serial number to the S&W service via email to confirm the firearm is indeed the .38 Special CTG.

How much does a 32 W C F revolver cost?

$ 265. “This 32 W.C.F. (32-20) Colt Bisley Model revolver is circa 1912, the year that the Bisley Model was discontinued. The 4.75″” barrel has a fine bore with frosting in the grooves. The ba …Click for more info

What does CTG stand for on a Smith and Wesson?

CTG stands for cartridge and indicates what cartridge the gun is chambered for. It’s not a model name or number. I was able to get some pics. Only found 1 serial number on the gun. Didn’t want to remover the handles You have a Model 1903, 1st Change from 1904.

What is the number on a 32 long CTG revolver?

On the other side it has 32 LONG CTG on the barrel and MADE IN USA at the trigger. Under the handle it has the number 518528. There is also a number on the side end of the chamber from which the shells are inserted. That number is 518528. Inside of the chamber at the hindge is 2 numbers which are the same. The number is 21071.

Where to look for model number on S & W?

This is where to look for the model number (not used until around 1957). Sometimes the serial number is here, especially in later models. .32-20 Hand Ejector 32-20 Win. K both of these used a shorter than standard cylinder.

Can a serial number on a s and W be off?

There is some dispute regarding the dates on some serial numbers and your gun may actually be a year off from what is listed. The precise shipping date as “lettered” can be several years off depending on model. For the exact date on your gun request the letter from S&W Historian Roy Jinks. Pre-War N frame.

When did the Hand Ejector revolver go out of production?

The .32 Hand Ejector Model of 1903 remained in production until 1917, with a series of five changes over that time period. 2 These differences were relatively minor for the first four model changes, with somewhat more significant variations internally with the fifth change. Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliate links.

When was the 32 Caliber Hand Ejector invented?

The .32-20 was a popular cartridge in the late-19th and early-20th centuries and was another .32-caliber Hand Ejector. It went through six changes as the .32 Hand Ejector Model of 1902 and then, the Model of 1905.

What was the name of the Smith and Wesson hand ejector?

Author Jim Supica wrote in Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson, “The Hand Ejector is the style of handgun that epitomizes Smith & Wesson.” The focus of this column is on Hand Ejector models of the pre-World War II years with “Hand Ejector” in their official names.

How old is the Smith and Wesson 38 CTG?

At first glance my learned peers (and I agree) it is one of the 250,000 or so British Service Models (out of 500,00 plus) that was returned to the states in the fifties and early sixties to have its barrel (originally 5 inch) pruned and was likely reamed (unadvisably) to accept the .38 Special cartridge.

How much is a model 15 Smith and Wesson worth?

Pictures would be helpful in verifying condition, however, I would say that any Model 15 in 95% condition or better is worth at least $450 to possibly $550 depending on location. Do you still have the original box and accessories? That might add another $30 or so. This would be retail to a private party. Expect less if trading it in to a gun shop.

What’s the serial number on a Smith and Wesson?

Smith and Wesson Serial Number Date of Manufacture J Frame Revolver Lookup. For models 36, 37, 38, 49, 50 and pre model number versions. 1950 = start at 1 1952 = 7369 – 21342 1953 = 28916 1955 = 55050 – 75000 1957 = 117770 – 125000 1962 = starts at 295000 1969 = ends at 786544 J serial Prefix serial numbers. For models 36, 37, 38, 49, 50.

How to remove grips from Smith and Wesson 32 CTG?

You might also want to remove the grips – gently start to unscrew them with a screwdriver that fully fills the slot but doesn’t run wide of it, then lightly tap the screw head to dislodge the right panel. Continue to unscrew and remove the screw.

Where did the.32 s and W cartridge come from?

The .32 S&W Long cartridge is derived from the .32 S&W, by increasing the overall brass case length, to hold more powder.

.32 S&W. The .32 S&W cartridge (also known as the .32 S&W Short) was introduced in 1878 for Smith & Wesson pocket revolvers. It was originally designed as a black powder cartridge.