Why is my Remington 1100 not ejecting shells?

Why is my Remington 1100 not ejecting shells?

The most likely problem is the one you doubt, the gun needs a good cleaning 9especially the gas port). That and make sure the gas system is correctly assembled and the rings aren’t worn.. Last edited by TheKlawMan; August 26, 2012 at 01:01 PM. Remington 1100’s need to be kept clean and well lubricated ..to be reliable.

What causes a Remington 1100 to jam?

tube is dirty inside, or the shell follower is sticking for some other reason. It is awfully hard to figure out why a gun is malfunctioning without taking it apart and checking it out. Fear not-you have a good gun, not a jam-o-matic. If every part is clean and lubed and it’s still not working any gunsmith can fix it.

How much is an old Remington 1100 worth?

REMINGTON 1100 MAGNUM shotgun PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A REMINGTON 1100 MAGNUM shotgun is currently worth an average price of $886.38 used . The 12 month average price is $846.09 used. The used value of a REMINGTON 1100 MAGNUM shotgun has risen $94.28 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $886.38 .

What causes a pump shotgun to jam?

There are three basic pump shotgun malfunctions: stovepipe, failure to extract, and failure to eject. As with all malfunctions, they can be caused by a dirty weapon, a weapon with a bad or damaged part, shooter error, or even bad ammo.

What size shells does the Remington 1100 use?

Remington 1100 steel-shot barrels take 3-inch shells.

How many shells does the Remington 1100 hold?

The shotgun is manufactured to hold four 2 3/4-inch shells in the magazine and one in the chamber; however, a plug must be installed in the magazine for hunting as it is illegal to hunt with more than three shells in the gun.

Can a pump shotgun jam?

Except for when they do, and let me tell you when it happens it’s pretty spectacular. Another jam I experienced was with an older S&W revolver, where while the cylinder was locked up in the gun, firing was causing the ejector rod to unscrew and back out. …

Why does my Remington 1100 not drop the hammer?

If it will drop the hammer on an empty chamber but not on a loaded chamber using factory ammo (to prevent a high primer or belled out shell head from sticking rearward on a reload), there is a good chance that something is preventing the shell from fully seating.

Is the Remington Model 1100 an autoloading shotgun?

It’s certainly not because of any mechanical failing of the ol’ 1100. Nope, the 1100 is one of the truly great shotguns of the 20th century. With the 1100, Remington has produced one of the finest autoloading shotguns ever designed and has done so at a price that put this gun in the hands of millions of shooters.

What to do if your Remington 1100 has a Burr?

Check the locking lug and its seat in the barrel for burrs or rough edges. If the lug does not fully seat, the firing pin may not be allowed to move. Also the disconnector may hang up and prevent hammer fall. Carefully check the slide block (part of the action bar assembly that the bolt sits on) for cracks, burrs are other physical damage.

When to reverse the piston on a Remington Model 1100?

Reversal of the piston or piston seal will cause major problems and lead to malfunctions. A trick I learned years ago is to make sure the slots in the piston and piston seal are not aligned. If the slot in the piston seal is positioned at, say, 9 o’clock, then the slot of the piston should be at 3 o’clock.