Are 410 good turkey guns?

Are 410 good turkey guns?

The good news is that the . 410 is now a more viable option for turkey hunters than ever before. You will find that these new loads are quite a bit more expensive than lead ammunition, but when all the beans are counted, you can bet that your ammunition will be the least expensive part of your turkey hunt.

What can you hunt with a 410 shotgun?

410 is limited to woodcock, rails, decoying doves, and squirrels under ideal conditions all at ranges of about 25 yards. Even then, there’s nothing that can be done with a . 410 that can’t be done lots better with a 28 gauge. Except for skeet shooting.

Are 410 shotguns any good?

The little . 410 shotgun has proven itself to be a great size for target shooting, small game and more. We have even heard about some people using it as a self-defense round for close range threats like snakes. That means this is the ideal shotgun for new shooters and hunters, especially the younger ones.

Can you turkey hunt with any shotgun?

If you’re currently a bird hunter – upland or waterfowl – chances are you already have a shotgun you can use for turkey hunting. Select a shotgun that you can shoot well. This includes gun fit, but also recoil. If the recoil is so great it influences your second shot, select a different action or a smaller gauge.

Will a 4/10 kill a turkey?

Tungsten Super Shot Is a . You can kill turkeys with a . 410 and lead shot. You can also call them very close and kill them with your breath if it’s bad enough, but that’s no way to fill a gobbler tag. 410 makes an extremely limited turkey gun.

Will a .410 kill a turkey?

410 bore loads definitely have the patterns, down-range energy and penetration at 40 yards to be effective at killing wild turkeys. So, the ammo can do its job, but what about the shotgun? For a turkey hunter, an ideal shotgun will have the capability to screw-in an extra-full turkey choke for an ultra-dense pattern.

What gauge shotgun is best for turkey?

I shoot a 12-gauge, which used to be the only answer to the question of turkey gauge, but the astonishing effectiveness of Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) means any gauge—even all the way down to a . 410—can kill a turkey. And more affordable ammo, like Winchester Long Beard, make the 20 gauge a genuine 40-yard gun, too.

Are guns made in turkey any good?

A Turkish guns and gun makers have been around for decades, but a whole lot more have been showing up in the past 10 years or so. What’s established a minor foothold for a few Turkish gun makers in recent years has been quality of construction, along with reliability and accuracy that belie the modest price tags.

Which is the best shotgun for turkey hunting?

Federal Premium’s new turkey load for 2018 — Heavyweight TSS No. 9 in .410 bore — is certainly up for the task for taking a wild turkey at 40 yards. However, the question that will weigh on many turkey hunters’ minds is which .410 shotgun is best to use for turkey hunting?

Can you shoot a Turkey with a 410 shotgun?

It is quite difficult to aim at a wild turkey target with the large brass bead on most .410 shotguns. The size of the bead can completely cover the turkey’s head at 40 yards. To clarify, .410 bore shotguns with fixed full chokes will work, but their sight systems — bare beads — simply are not the best at precise still-target shooting.

Can a 12 gauge shotgun kill a Turkey?

These numbers are capable of killing a wild turkey, and even rival the numbers produced by some 12-gauge turkey guns using No. 4 or No. 5 lead loads. Test results also showed more than 3 inches of penetration in ballistic gel and deep dents, with a few pellets even busting completely through a thin sheet of steel at 40 yards.

How to pattern a shotgun for turkey hunting?

I use letter-sized sheets of paper and draw a 1-inch circle in the middle with a Sharpie. Load up a trap shell, such as a 1-ounce game load of No. 7 or 8 shot, and shoot the 15-yard target. Check where your pattern density is the most consistent in relation to your aiming point and adjust your sights accordingly.