Are there any deactivated 1917 German luger guns?

Are there any deactivated 1917 German luger guns?

Deactivated 1917 German Luger by Efurt with full matching numbers:: Here`s a very good looking 1917 Luger, full matching numbers apart from the mag, made by Efurt. Very good original finish, not been re-finished and we just love the original wood grips.

Are there any World War 1 Luger pistols?

Legacy Collectibles offers a variety of collectible World War 1 and World War 2 Luger hand guns. Officially known as the model P.08, we sell these pistols both in full rigs & as just the gun alone. Click Here to view our holsters, where you can pair a holster with the Luger of your choosing. We also sell spare magazines as well as luger parts.

What kind of pistols were used in World War 1?

1911 Pistols (WWI & WWII) The model 1911 is the most iconic US military pistol in history. We offer both WW1 era 1911s, transitional and government model 1911s, as well as the WW2 model 1911A1 made by Colt, Remington, Ithaca, and more! See also our COLTS and SMITH and WESSONS!

What was the price of a WWII flare gun?

German WWII Nazi proofed BYF 42 Luftwaffe German WWII Nazi proofed BYF 42 Luftwaffe flare pistol, very good condition with original grips and most original finish. Estimate: 250.00 – 500.00 SCARCE DUTCH FLARE GUN. The extended grip SCARCE DUTCH FLARE GUN.

What kind of gun is Artilery Luger WW1?

Here`s a very good WW1 1917 dated artilery Luger by DWM, all original finish and grips. Matching numbers including the small parts except the mag. Condition is original and good throughout.

Do you need a deactivation certificate for a Luger?

Just love this Luger – its an all original matching numbers (apart from the mags) 1913, top quality original finish, original grips. Also comes with a very good original Luger holster, cocks and dry fires and comes with correct certificate of deactivation.

Are there any WW2 NUM officers Luger?

We have afresh batch of stunning matching num,bers WW1 and WW2 (please let us know your preference) dated Lugers – a must for every collection. We also have a handfull of the longer barrelled Artilery Officers Luger – these are not as good condition, with some pitting in the metal – they are lot rearer – take your pic…