How big is the barrel on a Browning single shot?

How big is the barrel on a Browning single shot?

This is a Browning B-78 single shot, falling block action, rifle that is factory chambered in 300 H & H Magnum. The free floating heavy sporter contour round barrel is 26 in. long, as op …Click for more info This is a Browning 78 chambered in 6MM Remington.

When was the Browning B-78 high power rifle made?

The production of the B-78 High Power rifle began in 1973. In 1976 the was a “Bi-Centennial Model” was produced. The B-78 was discontinued in 1982. To find your serial number, you will need to refer to your owner’s manual.

What kind of barrel does a Browning B78 Sporter have?

documents and shipping. in several modern smokeless calibers. Called a B78 Sporter, the rifle actually has an 1885 High Wall receiver & action. Browning’s justification in calling it a barrel, which are very similar to the original B-78. I personally have a problem required. The serial numbers of the rifles adhere to the following format

What’s the max load for a Browning B78?

The heavy load is with a 180 grain Remington jacketed softpoint and a max load of 4064 (I’ve shot three-quarter-inch groups with this load at 100 yards). That load has big recoil, but it’s tolerable.

Who is the founder of Browning gun company?

Founded by John Moses Browning, an American firearms designer who invented many firing mechanisms and firearms for military and civilian service. Throughout the years, Browning has manufactured high quality shotguns, rifles, and pistols. Shop for hard to find gun parts and accessories from Browning at Numrich Gun Parts Corp. today!

When did the Browning Belgium rifle come out?

MADE 1967 TESTED FOR SALT. NO SALT 24″ BARREL LONG EXTRACTOR ROSEWOOD FOREND & GRIP CAP EXCELLENT CONDITION ENGRAVERS: A. MARECHAL (RECEIVER AND TRIGGER GUARD) AND R. DEWIL ( …Click for more info NEW THIS WEEK! This Belgian BAR was manufactured in 1974 and remains in very good overall condition.

How much does a 6mm Browning rifle cost?

Browning 78 6mmRem 26″ round heavy barrel,nice wood,97% bluing with rings and bases,1280 made $1395,with Leupold VarXII 3-9 gloss scope $1595. GUN COLLECTIONS WANTED FOR CASH!