How much is an XDM 40 worth?

How much is an XDM 40 worth?

XDM 40 pistol PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A XDM 40 pistol is currently worth an average price of $656.18 new and $478.43 used . The 12 month average price is $656.18 new and $478.43 used.

How much does a XDm cost?

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PRICE $559.99
Capacity 19+1
Barrel Length 4.5in
Finish Black
Grips Black Mega-Lock Texturing w/interchangeable backstraps

Is the XDM 40 a good gun?

These are his words: “I found the XDM to be much lighter than I would have thought. It was very smooth shooting once I figured out how much pressure I needed to press the trigger. The grip was very comfortable in my hand and the gun stayed put. It didn’t feel like I would lose it after any of the shots.

Is XDm better than Glock?

The XDm has more of a 1911 grip angle which I like over the Glock. That’s a personal preference and basically that would be what a choice between these two would end up being. Both are accurate and will serve you well.

Does Springfield still make XDM 40?

40 S&W chambering with 3.8-inch barrel has been discontinued.

How much is a XD 40 Compact?

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PRICE $579.99
Action Pistol
Capacity 16+1
Barrel Length 3.8in
Finish Black

How much is a Springfield XDM 9MM worth?

A SPRINGFIELD XDM pistol is currently worth an average price of $571.14 new and $453.64 used .

Is the XDm discontinued?

They killed the entire line. They also discontinued the XDm 9mm (std and competition). What’s left is the original XD in all calibers, XDs Mod2 all calibers, XDe, XDm in . 45 and 10mm.

Does the XDm have a safety?

Like the Glock, the XDm has a trigger safety and an internal firing pin safety. There’s also a backstrap safety which means you have to be gripping the gun in order for it to fire. It also has a loaded chamber indicator on the top of the gun and an indicator on the back that tells you if it’s cocked and ready.