What guns did John Moses Browning invent?

What guns did John Moses Browning invent?

Among Browning’s most-famous designs were the Winchester Model 1886 lever-action rifle, the Remington Model 1905 semiautomatic shotgun, and the Colt Model 1911 semiautomatic pistol.

What caliber is a 9mm Browning?

The 9×20 mm Browning Long is a military centerfire pistol cartridge developed in 1903 for the 9 mm Browning pistol adopted by Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Sweden….9mm Browning Long.

9×20 mm Browning Long
Base diameter .384 in (9.8 mm)
Rim diameter .404 in (10.3 mm)
Case length 20 mm (0.79 in)
Overall length 1.10 in (28 mm)

Which is better 9mm or 45 caliber?

A 9mm is generally cheaper, has less recoil and higher velocity than a . 45 ACP. 45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) cartridge holds bullets that have a diameter of . 452 inches (11.5mm) so it is slightly larger than the 9mm (.

Whats better 380 or 9mm?

9mm and . 380 ACP cartridges — both popular choices for self-defense rounds — have the same diameter, but a 9mm round is longer. 380 ACP round is cheaper and easier to handle and conceal, while the 9mm is more powerful overall. …

When was the Browning M / 1907 Pistol made?

Pistol m/1907 made by Husqvarna Gun factory HUSQVARNA VAPENFABRIKS AKTIEBOLAG; BROWNINGS PATENT This pistol was one of the first pistols Husqvarna made (1917 ). When Germany occupied Belgium 1914 the deliveries of m/1907 ceased from FN.

What kind of gun was the FN Model 1903?

A FN Model 1903 from the collections of the Swedish Army Museum. The FN Model 1903 ( M1903, FN Mle 1903 ), or Browning No.2 was a self-loading semi-automatic pistol engineered by John Browning and made by Belgian arms manufacturer Fabrique Nationale (FN). It was introduced in 1903 and fired the 9×20mmSR Browning Long cartridge.

When did John Browning make the FN Model 1903?

FN requested John Browning to prepare a prototype in 1901. FN manufactured a few samples for Norway and Sweden to consider as military weapons. Norway opted for the Colt M1911 pistol in the form of the Kongsberg M/1912, but Sweden ordered 10,000 pistols (designated m/1907) as standard military sidearms in 1907.

What kind of gun is the Browning HVA?

HUSQVARNA VAPENFABRIKS AKTIEBOLAG; BROWNINGS PATENT This HVA from 1918 was refurbishedmuch later, sand blasted and blued. All FN made pistols should be beautifully polished and browned deep blue like the first Husqvarna made. Later HVA were blasted with sand and blued.