What is a black widow German Luger?

What is a black widow German Luger?

These distinctive pistols, with their black bakelite grips and un-numbered black plastic magazine bottoms are known as the “Black Widow” variant of the P-08 Luger pistol.

How rare is a Luger?

RIA has no less than 19 rare Krieghoff Lugers including commercial and Luftwaffe military contract guns. Estimated price on these beauties run between $3,500-$25,000. This example is a very rare 1943 dated military contract piece in 9mm, one of just 300 produced that year.

Is the German Luger still made?

The Luger was replaced by the Walther P38, a more modern pistol which was cheaper, in the German Army at the start of WWII. Replicas of the Luger pistol are still produced today. It has been popularized through its use by Germany during World War I and World War II, though it was also used by many other countries.

What is WW2 Luger worth?

What is a LUGER P 08 42 pistol Worth? A LUGER P 08 42 pistol is currently worth an average price of $1,672.01 used . The 12 month average price is $1,672.01 used.

What was the 42 code for a Mauser Luger?

This is a very fine example of an original pre-war 1940 dated, “42 code” Nazi Mauser Luger rig. These Lugers feature a salt blue metal finish with checkered walnut grips. The chamber area is marked with the full date of 1940 with the new “42” code marking for the Mauser factory on the front toggle.

What kind of gun was the German luger?

German Luger rifle. Georg Luger adapted his famously successful toggle lock form the Luger automatic pistol into a self-loading rifle for the German military. It was built in 8mm Mauser, but only a few prototypes were ever built.

What was on the left side of the Mauser Luger pistol?

The left side of breechblock is also marked with “Eagle and Swastika” test/acceptance proof. The safety and extractor are marked “GESICHERT” and “GELADEN” respectively.

What was the cost of a Mauser Luger in World War 2?

World War II Nazi 1940-42 Code Mauser Luger Semi-Automatic Pistol Rig with 1940 Dated Holster and Two Matching Magazines Price Realized: Estimated Price: $ 6,500 – $ 8,500