What kind of shotgun does Harrington and Richardson make?

What kind of shotgun does Harrington and Richardson make?

Harrington & Richardson Topper 58 chambered in 20 Gauge. Metal, wood, and bore are very good with wear and marks due to age. 20 Gauge …Click for more info

What’s the average price of a Harrington shotgun?

A HARRINGTON RICHARDSON shotgun is currently worth an average price of $291.28 new and $262.15 used . The 12 month average price is $291.28 new and $261.77 used. The new value of a HARRINGTON RICHARDSON shotgun has fallen ($36.64) dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $291.28 .

How big is a topper 12 gauge shotgun?

Topper® Model Topper® Gauge 12 Gauge (SB1-198) 20 Gauge (SB1-298) .4 Stock American hardwood, black finish, pistol Barrel 26″ (20 Ga., .410 Bore) 28″ (12 Ga.) Chamber Up to 3″ (12 Ga., 20 Ga., .410 Bore)

What kind of stock does H & are topper shotgun have?

A true American classic, featuring a distinctive black-finished hardwood stock, nickel-finished receiver and a fixed choke. It’s available in 12 and 20 gauge and 410 bore, with a brass bead front sight and automatic ejectors for fast reloading. American hardwood, black finish, pistol grip.

When was Harrington and Richardson bought by Remington?

After the original company closed, in 1991 a new company, H&R 1871 was formed in Gardner, Massachusetts. In 2000, H&R 1871 was purchased by Marlin Firearms. The assets of Marlin, including H&R 1871 and its subsidiary, New England Firearms (NEF), were bought by Remington in 2007.

Where was Harrington and Richardson gun company founded?

Location: Madison, North Carolina One of the oldest manufacturers of firearms in the United States. Original Harrington and Richardson started in 1871 and was in existence until 1986. For all those years, the company was located in Worcester, Massachusetts.

What kind of shotgun is a 12 gauge?

H&R – Ultra Slug 12 Gauge 3′ Magnum w/24′ Heavy Rifled Blue Barrel & Walnut Stock Shotgun Beretta – AL391 Urika 2 Field 20 Gauge Youth w/24′ Barrel Shotgun