When was the Colt Commander introduced?

When was the Colt Commander introduced?

The Colt Commander Model was first produced in 1949 as a lightweight variation of the popular Colt Model 1911 automatic pistol. It was produced in a new aluminum alloy that made it significantly lighter than the typical all-steel construction. In 1970 an all-steel version appeared, known as the Combat Commander.

How many rounds does a Colt Commander hold?

The newly redesigned Combat Commander is available in 9mm or . 45 ACP, with the 9mm model carrying 9+1 rounds and the . 45 packing 8+1. Unloaded weight on both models is 33 ounces, and each gun ships with two magazines.

Is the colt combat commander a good gun?

I just felt the need to remind shooters that barrel length is secondary in the concealed-carry priority, while grip length matters more. The Commander can make a great carry gun, and a lot of folks carry even full-size 1911s and conceal them just fine, so ¾” off the barrel should be a bonus.

When did the Colt Series 70 come out?

NEW IN BOX 45 ACP Colt Mark IV Series 70 Government Model with 5″ barrel. Made in the 1970s $30.00 Shipping FFL required for shipping; All items shipped Priority Mail Please contac …Click for more info NEW THIS WEEK! NEW THIS WEEK! Prototype Colt San Diego Police Dept Special Edition Series 70 .45 ACP caliber pistol.

What kind of grips does a Colt Series 70 have?

COLT 911 GOVERNMENT MARK IV SERIES 70. Inherited from LT on the LA co sherrifs dept.Pristene like new rarly used if at all.Has marine grips.He was an avid gun collector and was fastidiuous in his care …Click for more info Colt Combat Commander chambered in .45ACp and finished in satin nickle.

How many Colt Mk IV Series 70 pistols are made?

My source puts the annual production numbers of Colt Custom Shop MK IV Series 70s at between 500 and 1,000. Additionally, as these pistols originate from the Custom Shop, they ship in the famous blue “Colt Custom Shop” box, which alone is worth probably north of a hundred bucks.

What kind of hammer does a Colt Series 70 use?

Of interest to some may be the fact that Colt continues to use in the reintroduced Series 70 the internals of the Series 80. That means the shelved hammer pictured above is still used rather than the earlier notched hammer.