Where can I buy an air rifle in the UK?

Where can I buy an air rifle in the UK?

Check out the Gov.uk site for advice and guidance. In the sections below you will find a large range of Air rifles for sale from all the leading manufacturers, such as Air Arms, BSA, Weihrauch, Daystate, Hatsan, and Remington. If you love your air rifles, you’ll love our blog including our choices for the best air rifle on the market.

What to consider when buying an air rifle?

The best way to pick from such a broad selection is to take into account an air gun’s intended use. From there, you’ll want to consider factors like power, precision and durability. Then give yourself a budget to work within and you’ll end up with a comprehensive selection of air guns that suit your needs.

What kind of gun is an air rifle?

Sometimes called pellet guns, air rifles come in a variety of designs, for example the reliable and simple spring powered air rifles, which are ideal for starters, or for those with a need to eradicate pests – or simply for shooting targets in the back garden.

Where can I buy a PCP air rifle?

Whether you’re looking for budget PCP air rifles, multi shots , tacticals , lever action or anything else – you’re sure to find a great deal at The Airgun Centre. We stock hundreds of rifles from all the top brands, including: Air Arms, BSA, Weihrauch, Daystate, FX Guns, Walther, Brocock and more.

An air gun, air rifle or airgun, is a gun that uses pneumatically compresses air as a propellant for a projectile. We offer a huge range of rifles of all kinds here at Just Air Guns – one of the largest selections available for order online in the UK.

About Air Rifles & Guns. An air gun comes in a range of classifications; BB guns, pellet air rifles, air pistols. Air guns are designed to shoot BBs, pellets or sometimes both using air-powered propulsion such as CO2 or pre-charged pneumatic air tanks. Air rifles start at .177 caliber and reach up to .50 cal.

How to get a price match on an air rifle?

To request a price match, simply contact us or select the price match tab on the product page you would like us to match. We offer RFD delivery service for all of our airguns – we can send air rifles and air pistols to your local gun shop for collection, or we can receive them from most shops for collection.

What should you consider when buying an air rifle?

While most websites, even ours, publish the velocity numbers in feet-per-second (FPS), this is only one factor to consider when purchasing an air rifle. High velocity does not mean better accuracy, and it doesn’t represent how powerful a rifle is – power depends on velocity and the weight of the pellet.