Where is the model number on a Smith and Wesson revolver?

Where is the model number on a Smith and Wesson revolver?

Revolvers – The official serial number is located on the bottom of the butt of the frame. Some revolvers also have the serial number located on the inside of the frame, in the yoke area.

Is 38 Special and 38 S&W the same?

38 Special. They are two different rounds and are not interchangeable. The . 38 S&W uses a shorter, and slightly fatter, case that will usually not chamber in a .

How big is the barrel of a Smith and Wesson 38?

It was based on the .44 Special Smith & Wesson Triple Lock revolver and was made with a 5-inch (13 cm) barrel and fixed sights. The following year, Smith & Wesson began production of the .38/44 Outdoorsman with a 6.5-inch (17 cm) barrel and adjustable sights.

How big is the Smith and Wesson Model 36 special?

Target shooting my Smith and Wesson model 36. Caliber .38 special Capacity 5 Barrel Length 1.8″. Weight 19.5 oz.

Are there any Smith and wesson.38 special magnums?

There have been three major series of .38 Special and .357 magnum K-frames along with a couple of unique models: Military & Police : The original K-frame. They have fixed sights and no underlug or shroud around the ejector rod. The .357 magnum versions were added to the catalog along with the Combat Magnum series.

What kind of Revolver is a Smith and Wesson?

.38 Chiefs Special Revolver Model 36 The Smith & Wesson .38 Chiefs Special Revolver is a five-shot breech loading hand weapon. It is produced with solid frame and a swing-out type cylinder having five chambers around the central axis so that 5 shots may be fired before reloading is necessary. The weapon may be

Model Number – On revolvers made post 1957, the model number is located on the inner frame, under the forcing cone of the barrel when the cylinder is open. This also helps with ID and dating.

What kind of Revolver does Smith and Wesson make?

A Guide to Smith & Wesson .38 Special & .357 Magnum Revolvers 1 J-Frame. The J-frame S&W revolver has become so ubiquitous that the term is often used as a generic reference to almost any small frame snub nosed revolver. 2 K-Frame. The classic S&W K-frame is one of Smith & Wesson’s most enduring designs. 3 L-Frame. 4 N-Frame. …

What’s the serial number on a Dan Wesson Magnum?

The barrel says Dan Wesson arms 357 magnum CTG and the frame Dan Wesson arms monsoon mass USA and the serial number 151827. This is all he has is the Gun. I’m trying to figure out the value and if that is the right model number.

What’s the barrel length of a Smith and Wesson J frame?

The most common barrel length for a J-frame is 1 ⅞” but 3-inch models are also plentiful along with some other less common sizes. J-Frame model numbers are determined by frame material, hammer/action type, and finish. Unlike K and L frame revolvers, S&W doesn’t use a separate model number for J-frames with adjustable versus fixed sights.

Where is the serial number on a S & W long gun?

SW99 – The serial number is located on the frame at the rear of the pistol. Where can I find S&W long gun parts & service? For long guns manufactured in the early 1980’s, please contact the following dealers for parts and service.

Where do you find the serial number on a police gun?

*NOTE: The one TRUE place you can be sure of reading the original serial number for all Hand Ejectors of any vintage with stamped numbers, (which includes any letter prefixed #s after WW II,) is the BUTT of the gun, (or front grip strap on non-round butt .22/32 Kit guns and Targets, .32 & .38 S&W Regulation Police pre Model of 1953 I frames.

Where can I get a Smith and Wesson shotgun manual?

For Model 1020, 1012 or Elite Shotguns, please contact our Customer Service Department for parts or service at 800-331-0852. How can I obtain a manual for my S&W handgun or an S&W catalog?

What are the barrel sizes of Smith and Wesson revolvers?

Common barrel lengths are similar to the K-frames, with the 4-inch models being the most common and 6-inch, 3-inch, and 2.5-inch versions also available. Also similar to the K-frame revolvers, the L-frame model numbers are determined by sights, finish, and frame material.

Why are the barrels pinned on a Smith and Wesson?

Smith & Wesson has produced firearms since 1852, and as of 2011 is the largest handgun manufacturer in the U.S. On early Smith & Wesson revolver models the barrels were pinned. This gun-making technique was implemented as a safety feature to keep the barrel secured in the weapon frame.

Which is the first 7 shot Smith and Wesson revolver?

The 586 and 686 “plus” models were among the first 7-shot medium-frame revolvers on the market, and several lightweight alloy L-frames have been produced at various times. Distinguished Combat Magnum: These are the flagship models of the L-frame line.

What kind of model of Wesson revolver do you have?

During the Palmer manufacture period (Wesson Firearms Co., Inc) there were some single action only 22 caliber target guns manufactured . These models were only manufactured in blue or stainless with 10″ barrel assemblies, either vent or vent heavy.

Are there any non steel Smith and Wesson revolvers?

The later models added a full underlug to the barrel. Alloy K-frames: The only non-steel K-frame revolvers have been the 12 and 315. The Model 12 was offered for many years as a lightweight version of the model 10, but was discontinued in 1986.

When did s and W start using model numbers?

That is what S&W called the gun since it was made before they started using model numbers in 1957. In 1957, they called it the Model 17. The K-22 was one of 3 Masterpiece revolvers in different calibers, .22LR, .32 S&W Long and .38 S&W Special.