Where was Clarice Tinsley born?

Where was Clarice Tinsley born?

Detroit, Michigan, United States
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Who is Clarice Tinsley married to?

Stephen Gilesm. 1987
Clarice Tinsley/Spouse

How old is Clarice Tinsley?

66 years (31 December 1954)
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What channel is Clarice Tinsley on?

FOX 4’s
Millions of viewers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area have turned to FOX 4’s Clarice Tinsley for the latest headlines and the most in-depth news stories affecting Texas and the world.

What is Dale Hansen salary?

Dale Hansen Salary Being the top sports anchors at WFAA, Hansen earns an annual salary ranging between $ 20,000 – $ 100,000.

Is Clarice Tinsley retiring?

Clarice Tinsley (born December 31, 1954) is an American broadcast journalist….

Clarice Tinsley
Born December 31, 1954
Occupation Television news anchor
Years active 1975—present
Employer WITI (TV) (1974-1978) KDFW (1978—present)

Who are Fox 4 News anchors?

FOX4 News Team

  • Abby Eden. Anchor.
  • Mark Alford. Anchor.
  • Nick Vasos. Anchor.
  • Kerri Stowell. Traffic Reporter.
  • Kim Byrnes. Anchor.
  • Karli Ritter. Meteorologist.
  • Joe Lauria. Meteorologist.
  • Michelle Bogowith. Meteorologist.

Who is replacing Dale Hansen?

Joe Trahan
Dallas Station Names Replacement for Retiring Sports Anchor Dale Hansen. Joe Trahan has been named the replacement for WFAA sports anchor Dale Hansen, who is retiring from the Dallas ABC affiliate on Sept. 2. Trahan will join Cynthia Izaguirre, Chris Lawrence and Pete Delkus weeknights at 10 p.m. beginning Sept.

Who is Clarice Tinsley parents?

Broadcast journalist Clarice Tinsley was born on December 31, 1953 in Detroit, Michigan to Janet and Clarence Tinsley.