Which country produces the most software in the world?

Which country produces the most software in the world?

China ranked well in a number of domains: data structures, mathematics, and functional programming. Russia dominates in algorithms, the domain with the most popular challenges….According to HackerRank, the top 5 countries with the best web developers are:

  • China.
  • Russia.
  • Poland.
  • Switzerland.
  • Hungary.

    Which country produces best software engineers?

    Top 10 countries for Software engineers / Developers/ Data Scientists to work

    • Switzerland.
    • Canada.
    • Australia.
    • Netherlands.
    • Germany.
    • USA.
    • Sweden.
    • Denmark.

    Which country is famous for software?

    Japan is growing exponentially; Russia and China have a huge culture of programming, and IT companies are growing rapidly in these countries; and India, Southeast Asian countries (Singapore and Indonesia), and South Korea (Seoul) are other popular and growing markets.

    Who is the best coder in the world?

    Based on that input, here are 14 people commonly cited as the world’s best living programmer.

    • Craig Murphy. Jon Skeet.
    • Ishandutta2007. Gennady Korotkevich.
    • REUTERS/Jarno Mela/Lehtikuva. Linus Torvalds.
    • Google. Jeff Dean.
    • QuakeCon. John Carmack.
    • Jiel Beaumadier. Richard Stallman.
    • Facebook. Petr Mitrechev.
    • Duff. Fabrice Bellard.

    Who is the No 1 CEO in world?

    Best CEOs In The World 202

    Rank CEO Company
    1 Jamie Dimon JPMorgan Chase
    2 Satya Nadella Microsoft
    3 Tim Cook Apple
    4 Bob Chapek Walt Disney Company

    Which is the best country for computer exports?

    The following is a list of countries by computer exports. Data is for 2014, in millions of United States dollars, as reported by The Observatory of Economic Complexity. Currently the top fifteen countries are listed. The list does not include Taiwan, due to political reasons.

    Which is the best country for computer programmers?

    Based on the speed and accuracy with which people finish the challenges, HackerRank has ranked 1.5 million developers. This study ranked which countries were best overall, which types of challenges were most popular, which countries dominated in each type of challenge, and which languages each country preferred.

    Which is the largest software company in the world?

    There exist several lists providing an overview of large software companies, often called “independent software vendors” (“ISVs”), in the world. The lists differ by methodology of composition and consequently show substantial differences in both listed companies and ranking of those companies. 1. Microsoft, USA 2. Oracle, USA 3. SAP, Germany 4.

    Which is the country with the most super computers?

    These countries are at the height of computer engineering, and have promising programs in place to keep it that way. Japan has been creating world-class supercomputers since the early 80s, starting with the LINKS-1 Computer Graphics System. Since then, the country has only become more serious about producing next-generation technology.