Who made Long Tom shotguns?

Who made Long Tom shotguns?

Crescent Firearms
About 100 years ago, Long Tom was a trade name for a single barreled shotgun sold by Sears Roebuck. These guns were manufactured by Crescent Firearms for Sears before 1930. When these shotguns were first made, the longer barrel was used to create higher velocities in the barrel and longer shots.

What is a long tom 12 gauge shotgun?

“Long Tom’s” were single-shot shotguns available in both 12- or 16-gauge and sported extra-long 36- or 40-inch barrels. A true Long Tom has only the two words “Long Tom” stamped on the side and carries no other brand, make or model numbers.

What is the value of a Long Tom?

Value depends on condition and will range from about $250 for a factory new condition to less than $10 for a rusty rotten incomplete piece of junk that might make a good tomato stake. I have a Long Tom. Great condition, 40″ bbl. Does anyone have an owners manual for it and/or know how to remove the forearm.

What was the original Long Tom shotgun made for?

ORIGINAL LONG TOM 12 GA. For sale is a original Long Tom 12 Ga. shotgun. Th internet says that the original LONG TOM shotgun was mfg. for Sears and Roebuck by Crescent Arms Co. in the early 1900’s and is the only made single shot with LONG TOM stamped into the receiver.

What’s the manufacturer of a 16 gauge Long Tom?

I have a 16 gauge long tom shotgun number 211684 that has no manufacturer listed on the gun. I need a “open lever” for it and a butt plate. The open lever broke and it was brass welded to put it back into operation, but will not hold for long.

Is the H & are Long Tom shotgun in good condition?

This unique shotgun has some finish wear about it but it is mechanically in good condition. We would rate it about 80% -85% on bluing wear but it will still reach out and touch em! If you go to turkey shoots, this would be a winner.