How can I open my small Sentry safe without the key?

How can I open my small Sentry safe without the key?

Grab your set of nail cutters, and open the nail file so that it is completely straight. Hold the cutter as if you would hold a key, with the file protruding out from your hand. You can either use a small screwdriver and the nail file, as you did with the two paper clips, or the nail file may do the job on its own.

Can you copy a Sentry safe key?

Yes. You can have a locksmith get the key and/or code from Sentry, or you could probably get it yourself, from Sentry, if you can prove the safe is yours.

Can a locksmith open my sentry safe?

Locksmith are safe specialist in opening all major safes and especially we can Open Sentry Safes with keypad, combination lock or electronic lock. Sentry Safes is the largest manufacturer of Safes in North America. Locksmith also can open, service or repair most safes.

Where can I get a sentry safe replacement key?

Order your pre-cut Sentry Safe replacement keys from LOSTAKEY.NET Contact for replacement keys for SENTRY Safes. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 …

What happens if you lose your Sentry Key?

Sentry Safes boast that they can endure a number of adverse conditions such as theft, fire, and flood. The manufacturers of these types of safes make sure that they are ultra-rigid and sturdy enough to withstand any penetrating impact. However, what happens if you’ve lost your key to your Sentry Safe and your valuable items are locked inside?

Is it possible to break open a SentrySafe?

If it is a smaller size safe, you may be able to just break it open. Either by using a crowbar or dropping it off the roof of your home, you are likely to break open the safe. It may be of no good to you after that, but at least you are inside your safe. Sentrysafe is a great idea to protect your firearms and other valuables.

What should I keep away from a Sentry Safe?

Keep your fingers clear of the broad, circular face that will attract and cling to the safe. Keep the magnet away from credit or debit cards, phones, tablets, computers, and other electronic devices. Additionally, anyone who has a pacemaker must avoid coming into contact with a strong magnet.