How many cartridges does a Marlin 30/30 hold?

How many cartridges does a Marlin 30/30 hold?

The 336XLR and the 336Y have a tubular magazine that can hold up to five cartridges. All other variants can hold up to six cartridges. Though the Marlin 336 is currently only available in . 30-30 Winchester and .

How many rounds does a 30/30 lever action?

five rounds
Due to laws, most lever-action . 30-30s will only hold five rounds (although some hold six, and older models hold more). Ammunition used in . 30-30s has a round or flat nose, thus allowing it to be loaded into the tubular magazine without the fear of an accidental discharge.

How many calibers is a 30-30?

30-30 wildcats in 6 mm, . 25 caliber, and 6.5 mm diameters. In addition, P.O. Ackley used the cartridge as the basis for the .

How much does a 30-30 bullet drop at 100 yards?

30/30 Round Nose hits 3-inches high at 100. That puts us dead-on at a wild and crazy 190 yards.

Are new Marlin 336 any good?

Marlin 336 rifles are lighter and easier to handle than many comparable Winchester models, like the Winchester 94. This makes it great for larger and smaller folks alike since its recoil is quite controllable. All in all, it only weighs about 7 pounds give or take several ounces, depending on loaded ammunition.

How many bullets does a.45 Marlin 30-30 shoot?

Nowadays it comes as no surprise to see a Model 336 in .30-30, .444 Marlin, .45-70, .308 Marlin Express or .338 Marlin Express consistently shoot three bullets inside two inches at 100 yards. Some rifles will crowd an inch rather closely.

What was the name of the Marlin 30 WCF?

Marlin’s name for the 30 WCF, the 30-30, made the most sense to shooters familiar with the old tradition of naming cartridges by caliber plus the grains of blackpowder typically loaded. The 30-grains in the 30-30, however, were smokeless powder. Ron Spomer

What kind of ammunition does a 30-30 Winchester rifle use?

Of course, cartridges intended for use in single shot and bolt action .30-30 rifles can be reloaded with spitzer (pointed) bullets. The advent of Hornady’s LeverEvolution .30-30 ammunition considerably increases the useful range of the .30-30 for rifles with a tubular magazine.

How many grains are in a 30 grain bullet?

The 30-grains in the 30-30, however, were smokeless powder. Ron Spomer The original 30 WCF load was reportedly 30-grains of smokeless pushing a 160-grain bullet.