How old is the Colt Single Action Army?

How old is the Colt Single Action Army?

Colt Single Action Army
Designer William Mason and Charles Brinckerhoff Richards
Designed 1872
Manufacturer Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company
Produced 1873–1941 1956–1974 1976–present

When did the single action revolver come out?

In 1873, Colt introduced the famous Model 1873, also known as the Single Action Army, the “Colt . 45” (not to be confused with Colt-made models of the M1911 semi-automatic) or simply, “the Peacemaker”, one of the most famous handguns ever made.

When did the Colt Single Action Army sell?

RIAC President Kevin Hogan takes a couple minutes to appreciate this beautiful Colt Single Action Army that sold for $195,500 in June 2020. In fact this, is the highest serial number pre-war Single Action we have ever sold. It sold during the June 2020 Premier Auction for $195,500 at Rock Island Auction Company.

What are the serial numbers on a Colt revolver?

Take Colt revolver serial numbers for example: SA is Single Action, NF is New Frontier,… You could see the same thing on others: SP is Sporter, MT is Match Target,… Additionally, Colt also uses the characters in certain situations to illustrate the year of production.

Which is the best Colt Single Action Army revolver?

RIAC President Kevin Hogan explains why this magnificent Colt revolver made its way into his top 50 items sold during the September 2020 Premier Auction. This Ainsworth inspected 4th Cavalry marked Colt Cavalry Model Single Action Army Revolver has been described as the best example available by two nationally recognized experts on Colt revolvers.

When was the last engraved Colt revolver sold?

THE LAST Factory Engraved Colt First Generation Single Action Army Revolver: $195,500 (June 2020) Rock Island Auction Company proudly presents this historic and fresh offering: the last of a generation, the last of an icon, the last factory engraved, 1st Generation Colt Single Action Army revolver.