How old is the Marksman Repeater?

How old is the Marksman Repeater?

It was called the model MPR (Marksman Pistol Repeater, 1958-1977), and it was now made in Los Angeles. My old Marksman MPR was the direct ancestor of the 1010. Made until 1977, is was all metal on the outside.

How many babies does a Marksman Repeater hold?

Love that it holds around 15 or so bb’s!

Is a Marksman Repeater a BB gun?

The Marksman 1010C BB Repeater Air Pistol can shoot BBs, pellets, bolts or darts at a velocity of 200 feet per second. You’ll then be able to load up to 18 BBs or a single pellet, bolt or dart.

When did the Marksman Repeater come out?

In 1958 the Marksman Pistol Repeater (MPR) was launched. This was a spring powered development of the MP which allowed up to 20 BBs to be fired without reloading.

What did the original Morton Air Pistol look like?

The original Model MP (Morton Pistol) looked a bit like the Colt 1911 and used a movable section at the rear to compress the firing spring. In 1957 the company moved to a larger manufacturing plant in Torrance, California and re-branded as Marksman Products.

What kind of air pistol is a marksman?

VINTAGE MARKSMAN REPEATER .177 BB DART PELLET AIR GUN EXC. CONDITION CROSMAN VINTAGE MARKSMAN 1020 20 SHOT BB REPEATER AIR PISTOL DART ORIGINAL BOX WORKS! Marksman Air Pistol + Box – circa early 1960s? Mint In Box 2000 Marksman Repeater .177 BB Pellet Dart Pistol Air Gun U.S.A..

What kind of gun is a marksman repeater?

Mint In Box 2000 Marksman Repeater .177 BB Pellet Dart Pistol Air Gun U.S.A.. VINTAGE MARKSMAN REPEATER .177 CAL. BB PISTOL, SPRING ACTION, USED – VG

What was the model of the marksman 2000?

The Marksman 2000 was similar to the original Model 1010 and featured some external parts made from alloy. It was provided in nickel finish only with contrasting black trigger, grips, safety, slide release and the movable rear part of the slide. As on the 1010 Classic, later versions featured a squared off trigger guard.